1948 bowman

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1948 Bowman Baseball marks the first time cards were printed since World War II.

It helped usher in the new era of cards by selling gum to kids who hadn’t collected Goudey or Play Ball cards. 

Paper scarcities had actually ended production of baseball and other sports cards after Pearl Harbor

And there haven’t been any major releases since 1941.

Rookies include those of Warren Spahn, Bob Feller, Stan Musial, Yogi Berra, Ralph Kiner, and Phil Rizzuto

The images for the set are boring. They are black and white and show the players waist up.

It’s one of the reasons why the demand for this set is much lower then that of Leaf.

Even though Leaf was printed later and had a 2 year print run.

The backs are pretty comparable to the past Goudey cards. They each have the card number and player’s name in a headline

The bottom of the cards have an ad for Blony Bubble Gum. 

The nickel packs held several cards and 3 pieces of gum. 

The set is really short as it only had 48 cards.

Bowman had 106 players under agreement, so it’s not known why the set consisted of only half of them

One theory is that they ended up putting a lot of resources towards the football and basketball sets.

27/48 of the cards also feature New York players. 

And there were no players printed from the Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, Tigers, Senators or Browns.

Also ⅕ cards were a HOF. So if you like collecting Hall of Famers, this set is for you.

1948 Bowman Warren Spahn 

Warren Spahn was one of the greatest left handed pitchers of all time.

300+ wins & 100 WAR along with a Cy Young award.

He has both a Bowman and Leaf rookie card.

1948 Bowman Stan Musial

Stan Musial was one of the greats of baseball.

Almost 130 WAR & 3600+ hits.

He’s another player who has a card in 48 Leaf and Bowman

1948 Bowman Yogi Berra 

Yogi Berra has the most World Series rings

10 World Series rings as a player and manager.

He was also a 3x MVP for the New York Yankees.

1948 Bowman Ralph Kiner 

Ralph Kiner was one of the best power hitters in the late 40s.

Hitting 35+ homeruns a year from 1947-1952

He retired young, but ended up hitting over 350 homeruns

1948 Bowman Phil Rizzuto 

Only Short Print Rookie Card of a hall of famer in the set.

Rizzuto won 7 World Series in his lifetime along with serving in the navy

1948 Bowman Bob Feller 

A great pitcher with a lot of what ifs.

Feller is an indians legend and can be classified as a top 10 pitcher all time

1948 Checklist

 The set has simply 48 cards, 12 of which are Single Prints (SP)

1 Bob Elliott RC

2 Ewell Blackwell RC

3 Ralph Kiner RC

4 Johnny Mize

5 Bob Feller

6 Yogi Berra RC

7 Pete Reiser SP

8 Phil Rizzuto RC SP

9 Walker Cooper

10 Buddy Rosar

11 Johnny Lindell

12 Johnny Sain RC

13 Willard Marshall SP

14 Allie Reynolds RC

15 Eddie Joost

16 Jack Lohrke SP

17 Enos Slaughter

18 Warren Spahn RC

19 Tommy Henrich

20 Buddy Kerr SP

21 Ferris Fain RC

22 Floyd Bevens RC SP

23 Larry Jansen RC

24 Dutch Leonard SP

25 Barney McCosky

26 Frank Shea RC SP

27 Sid Gordon

28 Emil Verban SP

29 Joe Page RC SP

30 Whitey Lockman RC SP

31 Bill McCahan

32 Bill Rigney

33 Bill Johnson

34 Sheldon Jones SP

35 Snuffy Stirnweiss RC

36 Stan Musial RC

37 Clint Hartung RC

38 Red Schoendienst RC

39 Augie Galan

40 Marty Marion RC

41 Rex Barney RC

42 Ray Poat

43 Bruce Edwards

44 Johnny Wyrostek

45 Hank Sauer RC

46 Herman Wehmeier

47 Bobby Thomson RC

48 Dave Koslo RC

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