1948 bowman

1948 Bowman Baseball marks the first time cards were printed since World War II. It helped usher in the new era of cards by selling gum to kids who hadn’t collected Goudey or Play Ball cards.  Paper scarcities had actually ended production of baseball and other sports cards after Pearl Harbor And there haven’t been …

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1948 Leaf Baseball

48 – 49 leaf is one of the most exciting sets and helped revitalize the hobby. It was the very first post-World War II set to feature color images on them. Led by rookie cards for Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and numerous other Hall of famers, 1948-49 Leaf Baseball is a notable vintage release. While …

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1952 Topps Baseball

Produced by the Topps Gum Company, 1952 Topps Baseball is thought about by collectors and baseball historians to be the most crucial post-war baseball card set ever produced. It’s considered one of the big three sets. The others include Goudey and T206. The 407-card set was the largest ever produced at the time of its …

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1934 Goudey Baseball

1934 Goudey Baseball is the follow-up to the popular 1933 release and brings over much of what made the initial a hobby staple.  Given their intense, distinctive colors, it is simple to see why the 1934 Goudey baseball cards have kept a devoted following amongst classic card collectors Taking things to the next level, Lou …

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t206 Baseball cards

It’s one of the most widely-collected sets of any era. The legendary T206 Set. Produced in the early twentieth century, the T206 set includes the single most famous card in the hobby, one recognized even by non-collectors. While a lot of cards are easily acquired, the release has some extremely scarce alternatives that are led …

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