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Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards

Nolan Ryan is a legendary pitcher who threw 7 no-hitters and stuck out 5,714 batters across his 27-year career. The strikeout king is one of the most collectible baseball players out there. Many collectors want a card of his in their collection. 1968 Nolan Ryan Rookie Card Nolan Ryan has 4 different Rookie Cards. The […]

Cy Young Baseball Cards

Cy Young was one of the greatest pitchers of his era. Winning over 500 games and striking out close to 3,000 hitters, he accumulated a massive 163 WAR.  Many today know of the award named after him which was introduced a year after his passing in 1956. Today it’s awarded to the best pitcher in […]

Tris Speaker Baseball Cards

Tris Speaker is featured in many of the iconic baseball card sets of the early 1900s. One of the best players in the game, his career is often overshadowed by the legendary Ty Cobb.  While Speaker had a career WAR of 135, 3500 hits, and a 158 OPS+ his cards are a fraction of the […]

1970 Topps Basketball

This is the second time that Topps made a tall boys set. The tall boy cards are very distinct and difficult to obtain in great condition. The main difference between this set and the 1969 tall boys set (besides the rookies) is that these cards have more vibrant colors. The background of these cards appear […]


1972 Topps Basketball

The 1972 Topps Basketball set contains both NBA and ABA cards which makes it unique. These cards have a white border and a dark colorful background. There are two main rookie cards present in this set. The first is Julius Erving when he played for the Squires. This was an ABA team and he is […]