SGC Group Grading Submissions

SGC Grading Submissions

01. Fastest Turnaround Times

SGC Grading is taking around 5-10 business days

02. High Quality Scans

Enjoy complimentary pictures of your newly graded cards with every order

03. Accurate Grading

SGC Grading is a leader with Authenticating and Grading cards

04. No Modern Upcharges

Cards produced after the year of 2000 have a flat rate fee

We are Partnered with SGC Grading to provide a simple submission solution at a discounted rate. See the information below to Submit your Cards!

SGC Grading Prices

Sports & Non Sports Cards

Standard Pricing
$ 16
  • 15+ Cards $15
  • 40+ Cards $14.5 (One Free Grade per 50 submitted)
  • All Years
  • No Upcharges or Declared Value Limit on Modern (2001+)
  • Declared Value - $1,500

The pricing per card is a quote at the time of submission to Breakout Cards. If there is a price increase before cards are logged to SGC by Breakout Cards, Breakout Cards will contact the customer to inform new pricing and options to return cards with or without grading.

There is an Upcharge for Oversized Cards. Before submitting please email or message us

You are also responsible for return shipping costs. We can ship from UPS, USPS, and FedEx. If you prefer insurance on your cards, you are responsible and will be billed for the additional cost.

Steps to Get Yours Cards Slabbed by SGC Grading

  1. Place Your Order HERE
  2. Add Pre Grading HERE
  3. Please Download the Following Grading Form and print it when sending in cards.
  4. Cards must be submitted to us in top loaders/rigid holders (you will not get these back). DO NOT USE TAPE & TEAM BAGS For Every Card!
  5. No In Person Autographs or Tickets
  6. Mail Your Cards to: Breakout Cards 6850 SW 90TH ST, MIAMI, FL, 33156
  7. Or Drop them off with us at a Card Show
  8. Additional fees may be applicable based on underestimated declared values and are the sole responsibility of the card owner
  9. Once we receive your cards and order form. You will get a message on Twitter, Instagram, or Email confirming your order

Shipping Tips

Cardboard, Tape, Bubble Wrap, ect. are all perfectly acceptable and encouraged.

Please package your cards carefully, as we are not responsible for any lost packages or damaged cards that are shipped from you to us.

We Can Also Pickup Your Cards at Shows we are Attending!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we send out cards to grade, we require that grading is paid for.

We are currently shipping cards to SGC once a month. As we scale we will do bi-monthly and or weekly shipments.

We Ship your cards back within 3 business days

If Breakout attends your local card show then yes. Please email us ( or shoot a message on Instagram/Twitter to see up to date shows we are attending.

Yes, just remember that the price is different for higher end vintage cards

This keeps us organized and ensures the correct data is sent to SGC Grading

You can use a website like 130point or past ebay sales to estimate its value. Look for a similiar looking SGC graded card

While we aren’t graders, we can take a look at your cards and provide feedback on them.

This is something we are looking into providing. Breakout will be in the UK in April so we can deliver cards then if you are from there.

At the moment, we are not doing consignment, but we are buying cards. If interested, we can take a look at what you have and make you an offer.

We do not clean cards. Please prep your cards before sending them in

Every submission we open is on camera. If we receive cards at a show, its documented. We will never submit the same card twice by two different submitters. When the cards come back, they are recorded again with a camera.

Yes, if you provide us the correct shipping information

We will let you know when the order is shipped to SGC, Grades have came back, and when we have shipped the cards back to you.

We do not offer this service as we do not want to damage your card.