1941 Goudey Baseball Cards

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1941 was the last year of cards produced by the Goudey gum company.

It would mark the end product from the popular, but short-term, classic brand.

World War 2 was looming in the background and later in the year Japan would attack Pearl Harbor.

All supplies were now needed to support the war effort.

The last Goudey release was again a bit lackluster.

The set only consisted of two hall of farmers.

While DiMaggio and Williams were setting records, they aren’t found throughout the set. In fact, out of the 33 cards, only two Hall of Fame gamers (Carl Hubbell and Mel Ott) make an appearance.

But it did offer a ton of unique elements that other sets of theirs didn’t have.

After not releasing any brand-new sets following 1938, Goudey came back in 1941 with a design that came in 4 different colors.

Each of the 33 cards in the Goudey (R324) set was issued with blue, red, green, and yellow background

So in total there are 132 different cards to collect.

1941 Goudey Baseball cards only consist of the player’s name, team, position and card number. 

The cards were blank backed which a lot of collectors dislike

Especially since the other years of Goudey has iconic-looking backs.

Production during 41 was also very poor when compared to past releases

Many 1941 Goudey Baseball cards are found severely off-center or mis-cut, which affects value and makes high-grade examples tough to locate.

Although the list is unlikely to wow many collectors, the colorful release maintains strong value in high grade.

1941 Goudey Mel Ott

Mel Ott is the best player on the setlist. 

He accumulated over 100 WAR, hit 500 homeruns and was a 12x All Star.

1941 Goudey Carl Hubbell

Hubbel was a legendary pitcher for the New York Giants.

He won 2 MVPs and multiple ERA titles.

While Ott had better stats, more people probably know Hubbell due to his legendary All Star game performance.

Other Short Prints

Cards # 21-25 appear to have been short-printed, but none of the names are specifically significant and carries the most worth.

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