How to Ship Trading Cards

Shipping your trading cards ensures someone gets their cards damage free. Whether it’s sports cards, pokemon, or magic. No collector wants damaged cards. As an active card buyer, I get dozens of packages a week sent to me. While some sellers do a great job, others have sent me damaged cards. And a damaged card […]


Panini Prizm Base vs Silver

If you collect prizm cards, you’ve heard of the silver short print. And as a beginner in the sports card market, you might be a bit confused on how to identify one. What is the difference between a base and silver card? The cards look very similar. In fact both are silver looking. Let’s take […]


Why Are Sports Cards Going Up Value?

Some of the first sports cards have been around before the turn of the century. However, they started to become prevalent in the early 1900s. Ever since, collecting these cards has become an American pastime for kids and adults alike. It seems now that there has been a resurgence in the popularity of sports cards! […]


What Brand of Sports Cards are the Most Valuable

When first entering the card game, knowing what the most valuable brands are can be confusing. With more and more sets released, it feels as if there are limitless options. In this article, we go over the brands of sports cards that you should buy and invest in. Each of these have the highest roi […]

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