1933 Tattoo Orbit Baseball Cards

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Another set from 1933, Tattoo Orbit (R305) was produced by the Orbit Gum Company of Chicago. It featured a smaller set than that of Goudey, but still had many of the stars in there 33 release. 

You can find cards of Dizzy Dean, Lefty Grove, Jimmy Foxx, and Rogers Hornsby along with 13 other Hall of Famers in the 60 card release.

Another interesting tidbit is that 25% of the set is Cubs Players.

Since Orbit Gum Company was a subsidiary of the Wrigley Gum Company, they focused on having local players dominate the set.

Each of the 2″ by 2½” cards features vibrant red and yellow backgrounds with a very simple back.

Unlike DeLong or Goudey which had interesting backs, Tattoo Orbit only had the player’s name, position, team, personal information.

The card stock of these was also very poor. They were very thin and could be easily damaged.

In fact, there are very few 9s and no 10s currently graded by PSA.

Luckily, they weren’t included directly next to the gum, otherwise, there would be serious staining issues. Instead, they were put into a sleeve to stop staining and the gum sticking to the cards.

Tattoo Orbit Checklist

Dale Alexander

Paul Ivy Andrews SP

Earl Averill

Richard Bartell

Walter Berger

George F. Blaeholder SP

Irving J. Burns

Guy T. Bush

Bruce D. Campbell

William Cissell

Lefty Clark

Mickey Cochrane

Phil Collins

Hazen Kiki Cuyler

Dizzy Dean

Jimmy Dykes

George L. Earnshaw

Woody English

Lewis A. Fonseca

Jimmy Foxx

Burleigh A. Grimes

Charles John Grimm

Robert M. Grove

Frank Grube

George W. Haas

Irving D. Hadley SP

Chick Hafey

Jesse Joseph Haines

William Hallahan

Melvin Harder

Gabby Hartnett

Babe Herman

William Herman

Rogers Hornsby SP

Roy C. Johnson

Smead Jolley

William Jurges

William Kamm

Mark Koenig

James J. Levey

Ernie Lombardi

Red Lucas

Ted Lyons

Connie Mack

Pat Malone

Pepper Martin

Marty McManus

Frank J. O’Doul

Richard Porter

Carl N. Reynolds

Charles Henry Root

Robert Seeds

Al H. Simmons

Jackson Riggs Stephenson

Bud Tinning

Joe Vosmik

Rube Walberg

Paul Waner

Lonnie Warneke

Arthur C. Whitney

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1933 Tattoo Orbit Baseball Cards

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