1936 Goudey Baseball Cards

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Table of Contents

Provided mainly as a card game, 1936 Goudey Baseball flies under the radar in comparison to other Goudey releases of the time.

The 36 Goudey (also known as R322) set was a disappointment compared to the past 2 releases. A small set, few superstars, and a lackluster design. It was nothing like the releases from 33 to 35.

It was the start of the decline of the Goudey cards.

This set missed out on producing cards for legends such as: Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Dizzy Dean, Lefty Grove, Jimmie Foxx, and Mel Ott

The card fronts just include a black-and-white picture, white border and the player’s name in a cursive font style. 

The pictures were cropped images from the R314 Goudey premium photos.

The card backs are where the “game” enters play. 

Two possible outcomes are featured, with each displayed utilizing a different text orientation. A brief bio for the gamer envisioned on the front is sandwiched in-between the two plays.

Like the 1935 goudey release, each front is paired with numerous backs, putting the total quantity of possible cards much higher.

It’s assumed that there are a total of 6 to 8 different backs of each player. 

Which means if you wanted to complete the set, there are 176 cards to collect.

Hank Greenberg

Hank Greenberg is the most notable player in the 1936 Goudey baseball checklist.

He was a 2 time MVP, the first jewish superstar, and fought in WW2.

He was the first player to sign up for the draft in 1940, and the first one to come back from the war.

He put up impressive stats for only playing nine full seasons.

Mickey Cochrane

Mickey was a great catcher during the 1930s. He won 2 MVPs and had a career .320 batting average. Which is the highest for catchers.

Mickey also ended up hitting for the cycle twice in his career.

Lefty Gomez

Gomez was one of the best pitchers in the 30s. He won two triple crowns for the Yankees.

He also won 5 World Series titles.

Paul Waner

Waner is a member of the 3000 hits club and won a MVP with the pirates.

His brother is also a hall of famer who played with him.

Chuck Klein

Chuck Klein was one of the faces of the 1934 Goudey set.

In his career, he won an MVP and a Triple Crown.

1936 Goudey Checklist


Wally Berger

Zeke Bonura

Frenchy Bordagaray

Bill Brubaker

Dolph Camilli

Slick Castleman

Mickey Cochrane

Joe Coscarart

Frankie Crosetti

Kiki Cuyler

Paul Derringer

Jimmy Dykes

Rick Ferrell

Lefty Gomez

Hank Greenberg

Bucky Harris

Rollie Hemsley

Pinky Higgins

Oral Hildebrand

Chuck Klein

Pepper Martin

Bobo Newsom

Joe Vosmik

Paul Waner

Bill Werber


Combinations of Game Actions

Double (to left center) / Foul

Steals Home!! / Strike

Ball (Too low) / Out (1st baseman spears)

Strike (A fast in-shoot) / Ball (Too low)

Strike / Wild Pitch

Ball (Right over) / Out (A long high fly)

Bunt – Scratch Hit!! / Stolen Base!

Hit by Pitched Ball / Out

Foul (Over the press boxes) / Ball (Too high and wide)0

Foul / Double!

Out (A short fly) / Ball (Almost a wild pitch)

Foul / Force out

Out / Single

Strike (Right over) / Ball (High – inside)

Foul Tip / Strike!

Three Bagger / Out

Ball (Too close) / out (A pop fly)

Out!! / Error!!!

Strike (Caught napping) / Foul (High up)

Out / Double Play

!! Home Run !! / Ball

Out (A long fly) / Strike (A slow ball)

Ball (An out-drop) / Out (A sharp grounder)

Strike (A wide out-curve) / Ball (Outside – too low)

Foul (Liner into home) / Ball (Batter fell down)

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