Kevin Durant Rookie Card

Who is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant was born and raised in Washington DC. At a young age, he decided to commit to pursuing basketball.

His mother was always there to support him throughout his life. 

In fact, Kevin acknowledges her for being responsible for most of his successes on and off the court. 

He even stated in a speech after winning the MVP award that his mom was “the real MVP.”

Kevin attended the University of Texas to play basketball. 

He was so dominant there, that only he played one year of college ball before getting drafted into the NBA. 

Durant got picked as the 2nd in the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle Supersonics.

The franchise later moved became the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Kevin Durant won rookie of the year and has not looked back since.

He has proven to everyone that is is an offensive juggernaut. 

After his days at OKC, Kevin won two NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors.

Fast forward to today, Kevin Durant is on the Brooklyn Nets alongside Kyrie Irving.

Why are his cards so expensive?

Kevin Durant’s cards have exploded in value due to increasing popularity.

He cemented himself as one of the best scorers in the current NBA. He is also almost 7 feet tall and can handle the ball like a guard.

These are great attributes for someone to build a team around.

In the NBA finals, he took down Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers. Kevin Durant even won the finals MVP twice in a row! ( in 2017 and 2018).

Paper cards:

2007-2008 Upper Deck Kevin Durant #234 SP RC

This card shows Kevin Durant on his draft day holding a jersey.

The card has some clustered text at the bottom, but it is short print which means this card is rare.

Lebron’s Topps rookie card sells well, so you can imagine how this card will sell in the future.

2007-2008 Topps Kevin Durant #112 RC

A classic Kevin Durant rookie card.

This exact card is in our Youtube video!

This card has a “50” symbol in the bottom left because it is the year of the 50th anniversary of Topps.

A nice edition to any collection, but make sure this card is in good condition before you buy.

2007-2008 Topps Kevin Durant #2 RC

This card has the same picture the #112 card, except it has a white background.

This card is definitely rarer than its black background counterpart

There are also orange and gold background cards that are even more exclusive.

2007-2008 Topps Tripple Threat Kevin Durant #135 RC /99

This is the rarest base Kevin Durant rookie card.

There are parallels around, but this base card is only numbered to 99.

This card does not have an autograph which is strange because most rare triple threat cards do.

Chrome cards:

2007-2008 Topps Finest Kevin Durant #71 RC

This card is distinct and noticeable.

Collectors love the design of this card and graded versions are going for a great deal on ebay.

2007-2008 Bowman Chrome Kevin Durant #111 RC

The Bowman chrome card is an absolute classic.

There is a draft board in the back which makes this card unique.

The print run was high, but collectors seem to gravitate towards this card

2007-2008 Topps Chrome Kevin Durant #131 RC

The Topps Chrome card is a fan favorite amongst collectors.

It is a clean card with refractor parallels out there.

This card has been selling raw on Ebay for $600-800

Autograph cards:

2007-2008 Sweet Shot Kevin Durant #101 RC autograph /299

This card has a unique place of signature. That would be on top of a fabric that looks like an NBA ball.

Collectors don’t love this as the signature may fade. Yet, this will not stop a signed Kevin Durant card from having value.

2007-2008 Upper Deck Premier Kevin Durant #101 RC Autograph jersey /199

This card is definitely one that sticks out in a crowd.

It has a signature at the top and has Kevin Durant’s jersey embedded with a “2007” frame.

One of the coolest Upper Deck cards as it’s pleasing to the eye.

2007-2008 Fleer Hot Prospects Kevin Durant #123 Rc autograph patch /399

This card has a higher print run than most and has a classic view.

There is a patch of his jersey on the right hand side and signature on the bottom

2007-2008 Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant #94 RC /99

Due to the short print run and amazing appearance, this is one of Kevin Durant’s best autographed cards.

The patch has lots of colors and the signature pops

There isn’t much more you can ask from an autograph card.

Long term potential

Kevin Durant is a household name who will continue his legacy after he recovers from injury.

He is a future hall of famer and he might even be able to win another ring by the time his career ends.


Kevin Durant has cemented himself as a top player in the league.

He caught people’s eyes his rookie year and never looked back.

He is one of the best scorers in the NBA.

He is also one of the few 7 footers who can handle the ball, pass, and shoot from 3 point range with great accuracy.

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