How to Get Cards Graded

Sending cards to get graded is something all collectors and investors do.

It’s one of the best ways to evaluate what you have monetary wise in your collection

And can help liquidate cards down the road.

Why Grade Cards

Increase Value of a Card

Grading cards puts a value on the card.

While grading is an experts opinion, a lot of individuals struggle with determining what shape a card is in.

A lot will say a card is in near mint to mint condition while there may be obvious flaws.

Grading allows for the company to analyze a card and let you know what shape (1-10 scale) a card is in.

That way when someone goes to buy a card, there is already an expert opinion.

Adds scarcity

If you get it graded, it may be among 2000 graded cards. If it’s graded at a 10, it might be just one of 100 cards graded as a 10.

This now takes a card which may have been printed over 10,000 times, and limits it to a quantity of 100.

Protects The Card

The tamper-free cases helps preserve cards to a significant degree.

They won’t be unbreakable by any methods, but they’ll be much better maintained and secured than they would be in a plastic top-loader or soft plastic sleeve. 

They also stack nicely with other graded cards, so if you have a bunch they’re fairly simple to keep together and organize them nevertheless you like.

Grading Scale

Every grading company has a scale in which they grade a card out of 10 points.

The primary aspects the grading services consider with each card is the focusing of the card, any visual printing mistakes (misaligned foil, for example), and the edges/corners.

Not every Card is a 10

It’s tough to get a 10. It implies not just were there zero mistakes in the production process but that the card was most likely found in the middle of a pack (more protected) and barely touched at all as soon as the pack was ripped.

That’s not to say your card isn’t a 10, however when you send in a card for grading there is no pledge that it will be graded at a 10. 

Many people overgrade cards. It’s better to be a harsher critic and make sure that the cards are in the best condition.

Many send a group of cards off to be graded the very first time are shocked at the low grades that they receive.

Grading Card Costs

If you have a raw card that you send out in to get graded, it’s most likely going to cost anywhere from $30 (if you submit through a group submission) to $100 (solo) to send it in and get it graded. 

This is often without any shipping expense or card insurance coverage, and this is the slowest grade speed.

So, if you paid, $50 for a card and wanted to send it in to get it graded, you could be looking at an overall cost on that card of $150 or more.

If you’re not able to offer the card for $150 or more you will be losing cash on the whole process.

Know the Wait

You might be without your card for a number of months. If you wish to make a quick sale or are impatient for any other reason, grading is typically not the move unless you desire to pay additional for speed. 

This is a complex question that has a range of responses. how to get cards graded. 

A card is going to take around 1+ years if it sent in bulk. The grading companies are so far behind.

If you are sending in cards express, you are looking around a few months.

If you want cards to get graded a lot faster, you need to spend more money.

Pick a Grading Company

Every grading company has their pros and cons. Choosing the right company is crucial for success


The original company. PSA demands the highest prices, but also have the longest turn around times.


The newest grading company. CSG has the backing of a parent company who owns the most reputable coin and comic grading companies.

CSG also added Becketts two top graders to start the company.


Beckett is another top company.


They’ve been established for a long time and are known for their 9.5 grades.


SGC was once known for grading vintage cards, but has now moved towards grading both vintage and modern.

Their new branding is known as the black tuxedo graded cards.

Shipping the Cards

Preparing cards for grading is crucial.

Your package will go through numerous hands and facilities prior to it gets to your grading service.

 If you prepare your package well this shouldn’t be a significant concern, but it is still worth thinking about.

It’s best to use a lot of bubble wrap and a larger box.

Make sure that the cards don’t move in the box.

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