Bay Area Card Show

Entry Fee$5
Foot TrafficMedium
Bargain BinsLow
Dealer FriendlinessMedium
Type of CardsMixture of Everything
Modern/Vintage70% Modern 30% Vintage
Food OptionsBar at Venue
VenueBanquet Hall
Show Hours 9 AM – 3 PM Saturday & Sunday 

Not to be confused with San Francisco’s 300 table show, the Bay Area Card Show is one of Florida’s best monthly shows. It’s located at Banquet Masters which is just outside of the world-famous Clearwater beaches.

It’s a very similar setup to the Tampa card show which is right down the road. Most local dealers end up doing both shows. Clearwater is in a slightly larger venue and tends to bring in a bigger crowd. I tend to see more dealers and collectors from South Florida drive up to the show.

Sometimes when the show sells out dealer booths, they open a 2nd room in the back. This brings in an overflow of another 20-30 tables. Often many people attending the show don’t realize there is a 2nd room. It gets a fraction of the foot traffic compared to the main room.

While modern cards dominate this show, there is still a good portion of vintage-focused dealers. Each vintage dealer is different; you can find cards like mid-50s commons all the way to low-mid grade Goudey Ruths.

With regards to modern, besides the main American sports, there are dealers who specialize in F1 and Soccer cards. The show in general has a lot of diversity, so you’ll be able to find some unique cards that you are looking for. Most of the dealers here are also willing to work with you so you’ll be able to buy cards under comps. 

If you are looking to authenticate any autographs, JSA is always set up in a side room. They are able to look at your autographs in person and give you instant results. 


Bay Area Card Show Information

You can find out more information about the Bay Area Card Show on their Facebook page. Admission is $5 and the card show is open 9am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

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