1954 Topps Baseball Cards

1954 Topps Baseball Cards

Headlined by rookie cards for several of the biggest baseball players of all-time, 1954 Topps Baseball is further enhanced by a strong veteran roster.

The appealing style and outstanding checklist has actually led to among the more ageless vintage baseball sets.

1954 Topps Baseball was distributed in 3 various series, consisting of Series 1 (# 1-50), Series 2 (# 51-75), and Series 3 (# 76-250).

In reality, there are 11 future Hall of Famers in the very first 50 cards and a scarceness of star players in the rest of the set. So series one is the one you want to get.

This is the first Topps set without a Mantle. He was exclusive to 1954 Bowman.

As well as Pee Wee Reese and Roy Campanella.

There are still amazing cards in this series as Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, and Al Kaline all have their first cards. Each of these players are the faces of their respected franchises.

54 Topps cards can be discovered with either white, black, red, green, or flesh-tone color design.

Three design elements really helped 54 topps stand out

One was a larger picture, much as there had actually been in the previous 2 years

a background ‘action” shot was likewise to be utilized in this set

Another innovative twist was these cards don’t have a conventional top border numerous cards can seem off-centered even if they are completely focused. 

Hank Aaron

This is the HR kings only rookie card. It’s by far the most valuable card in the set.

The prices for it rose tremendously after he passed away in early 2021.

Ernie Banks

The Cubs legend who hit over 500hrs and won two mvp awards.

It’s one of my favorite cards that I own in my collection.

I picked up a copy at the Dallas Card Show.

Al Kaline

The last big rookie in this set.

Kaline had 3000 hits, 399 homeruns and 93 war.

Really impressive stats for the Tigers Legend.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson cards always have a cult following.

So his 54 card is a must have for any Robinson collector.

Willie Mays

The 4th card of Willie Mays. 

In 1954 he won his first MVP award when he hit 41 homeruns and batted .345.

Ted Williams

Amidst all the rivalry between Bowman and Topps to sign players to unique contracts, Topps landed its greatest coup when they protected the rights to produce cards of returning veteran Ted Williams.

To capitalize on their financial investment, Topps produced 2 cards of Ted Williams (#1 and #250) 

Which Topps hadn’t done before.

It wasn’t unheard of though as Goudey had 4 different Babe Ruth cards and 2 Gehrigs in their early 30s sets.

These cards are frequently discovered with the exact same problems that afflict most vintage cards to fall very first or last in the set.

Making them both expensive cards.

Based on PSA pop counts, card #1 is the more difficult one to find in better condition. 

Tommy Lasorda

The last notable card in the 54 set is Tommy Lasorda’s rookie card. 

While he wasn’t a hof player, he was a legendary manager for the Dodgers. Where he won two world series titles.

He spent his entire life for the organization and is considered a dodgers legend.

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