Clayton Kershaw rookie card

Who is Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is the Ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The 7th pick of the 2006 class, Kershaw only needed a short amount of time in the minor leagues.

2 years later he made his MLB debut.

Since then, Kershaw rose to be one of the best pitchers in the game.

He always has a low ERA and high amount of strikeouts year to year.

In fact he has a sub 2.5 career ERA, and almost a 10 k/9.

Not to include a MVP award, many Cy Youngs, and a Pitching Triple Crown.

Why are Kershaw Cards Expensive

Kershaw’s achievements as a pitcher are amazing.

Especially in a time when there are 5 man rotations, pitch count limits, and a ton of injuries.

Kershaw also got called up late in the year. So having an update rookie rather than S1 or S2 makes his base topps card much more expensive.

Back in 08, there were a lot less limited cards then there are today.

Which makes his autos and numbered cards that much more difficult to find.

A Note on Graded Cards

Kershaw graded cards will increase the price.

The best 3 companies to go with are BGS, SGC, and PSA.

All increase the price over raw if graded a 9 or 10.

Some raw cards grade a 9 or 10 if found in great condition.

Those can be your steals if you get them graded.

Pre-Rookie Cards

2006 Clayton Kershaw Bowman Chrome Draft Auto  #84

The 1st bowman autos of superstars fetch top dollar.

The Kershaw is no exception.

The 2006 Bowman chrome draft auto is both Kershaw’s first card and autograph.

It’s also on card which is a bonus.

2006 Clayton Kershaw Bowman Sterling BSP-CK

The Bowman Sterling auto is the 2nd best card from this year.

It doesn’t have as much demand as the 1st bowman auto.

But it’s still a super desirable card.

The only drawback is that it’s a sticker auto.

2008 Rookie Cards

Best Paper Cards

2008 Topps Update Clayton Kershaw RC #UH240

The standard Topps update rookie card is Kershaw’s most expensive base card. 

There are a few variations that can cause this to increase in value.

The gold text, gold border /2008 and the black border /57.

2008 Stadium Club Clayton Kershaw RC #107

Stadium Club has been in production limbo since the 90s.

The 2008 release was the first time Topps produced the set since 2003.

It was now pushed as a high end product, making this kershaw expensive.

2008 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw RC #595

For 2008, Topps Heritage got its design from 1959 Topps.

The best rookies in the 08 set were Kershaw and Scherzer.

Both of which are short print high number cards.

While a SP, the card prices have not reflected the scarcity.

Best Chrome Cards

2008 Bowman Sterling Clayton Kershaw RC #CK

Kershaw’s best chrome rookie is his Sterling.

In 2008, sterling was a high-end brand.

It focused on hits over standard base cards.

Which makes this chrome card scarcer to find then his bowman draft.

2008 Bowman Chrome Draft Clayton Kershaw RC #BDP26

Draft doesn’t get the respect of the normal bowman chrome.

It’s still desirable though as Kershaw wasn’t in the topps or bowman chrome sets this year.

So it’s still a great card to add to the collection.

Best Auto & Jersey Cards

2008 SPx Clayton Kershaw RC Autograph #151

The SPx rookie autograph was a mystery rookie redemption.

Many of these expired and were not redeemed.

So while it’s not numbered, it’s still a rare card.

It’s also an on card auto which is always a bonus.

2008 Sweet Spot Clayton Kershaw RC Autograph #133 /199

For 08 sweet spot, the base rookie auto was on card and limited to /199.

It’s a bit rarer than the SPx auto.

2008 Ultimate Collection Clayton Kershaw RC Auto Jersey #107 /99

Kershaw’s Auto Jersey from ultimate collection is his best rookie card.

It’s limited as there are only 99 copies.

And one of his few jersey autos.

The signature is on the jersey swatch.

How much is a Clayton Kershaw rookie card worth?

The cheapest Kershaw rookies are around $10

The most expensive cards can run from a few hundred to a thousand. 

Kershaws long term potential

Kershaw has already presented himself as a hall of famer.

If he gets injured and has to retire young, many will put him in the same category as Koufax

Legendary pitchers whose careers were short

Otherwise, he might be first modern day pitcher with 300+ wins and 3000+ strikeouts

The best pitcher since Pedro Martinez

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