Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Baseball is massively popular around the globe, especially in its native land, America.

This makes baseball cards are some of one of the most looked for after products in the card accumulating hobby and can bring thousands, also millions, of bucks at public auction.

 Naturally, the rarer a card is, the better it is and the cards on this listing are not only a few of the hardest to discover in the hobby, but regularly sell for at the very least 10s of thousands.

Mickey Mantle 1952 

The Yankee Legends card has been skyrocketing the past few years.

In early 2021, a PSA 9 copy sold for 5 million dollars!

The factor for this card’s specific shortage as well as worth is for a variety of reasons:

  • The first iconic card Topps Printed
  • 1952 was the very first year that Topps began making sports cards so any of the initial run cards are highly wanted
  • igh number cards, between 311 to 407, were not printed in high volumes so less of them have actually made it through.

Another remarkable point that makes the Topps # 311 Mickey Mantle cards difficult to find is that Topps dumbed a lot of the initial run cards into the sea.

Topps’ card leader Sy Berger claimed they were occupying an excessive area in the company’s storage facility.

Another Fun Fact: The 52 mantle is his second card! His official rookie card is in the 1951 Bowman set.

Mike Trout 2009 Superfractor Auto 

Mike Trout has actually been a trend-setter as well as record-breaker since he went pro in 2011. 

Trout currently has 3 MVPs to his name and a .305 batting average. And has already accumulated more WAR then many HOF members.

Trout’s 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Superfractor card sold for $3.936 million.

This still holds the record as the highest price paid for a modern sports card.

Honus Wagner 1909 T206

The Honus Wagner card is commonly thought about to be the “Divine Grail” of baseball cards among collection agencies

It’s been the most important card in the space for several years

The famous Wagner card is valuable as a result of its age and restricted versions available. 

It is approximated that only about 50 to 200 T206 Honus Wagner cards were ever launched, which is substantially less than the “10s or hundreds of thousands” of T206 cards generated for various other gamers.

The reasoning is that Wagner got the card drawn from production, for factors that are still unclear.

Wagner directly asked to be gotten rid of from the lineup because he either really didn’t care for the cigarette firm marketing the cards to kids or due to the fact that he wanted more money from the company to use his photo.

I believe it’s the second statement as there are other Honus Wagner cards. 

For a while Honus Wagner’s 1909 T-206 baseball card has actually long been taken into consideration as the most popular and most expensive card ever sold.

And It seemed as if the T-206 card would for life be the most beneficial baseball card ever marketed, but that lastly changed many thanks to Trout and interest in the Mantle rookie.

As of 2016, one of the most paid for a T206 Honus Wagner was $3.12 million, making it the most valuable baseball card ever.

Another fun fact, The first sports card to cost one million bucks was a T206 Honus Wagner which went with $1,265,000 at a public auction in 2000.

Babe Ruth Rookie 1914 Baltimore News

Probably one of the most famous and popular names in baseball, Babe Ruth’s 1914 Baltimore News card increased an outstanding $575,000 at auction in 2012. 

When thought about among the leading 5 most pricey baseball cards worldwide, there are just about 10 cards understood to exist, that makes them all exceptionally valuable.

Joe Jackson American Caramel Rookie

Of all the Joe Jackson cards, the rarest and also most important is the American Caramel Joe Jackson rookie card.

There are less than 90 of these cards around today and also one American Caramel Joe Jackson card was sold for over $667,000. 

The American Sugar Joe Jackson cards is one of minority cards to reveal Jackson as a participant of the Philadelphia Sports, as he only played 10 games with the group between 1908 as well as 1909.

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