Magic Johnson Rookie Card

Who is Magic Johnson?

Magic a.k.a Earvin Johnson was born in 1959 in Lansing, Michigan. He gained his nickname in high school after putting on an amazing performance. After high school, he attended Michigan State University

During his second year at Michigan State, he faced off against Indiana State in the NCAA finals.

Larry Bird led his team all the way here to face off against the Spartans.

Magic ended up winning the NCAA finals and left college the next year to get drafted.

Magic Johnson got drafted by the Los Angelos Lakers.

During his first year in the NBA, he averaged 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists per game. He also managed to lead the Lakers to an NBA championship.

His career got cut a bit short when he conducted the AIDs virus. There was confusion about it at the time and he decided to retire.

Why are his cards so expensive?

Magic Johnson is one of the best point guards of all time. He is also 6’ 9’’ which is tall for a point guard. Magic was one of those players that could play almost every position. He had ball handling skills and a nice post game as well.

Some of his cards are expensive. This is because they got created before sports cards were mass produced. He was an amazing player and a Lakers legend. He won many championships with them and got called by his nickname more than his actual name.

Most valuable cards:

Paper cards:

1980-81 Larry Bird, Julius Irving, and Magic Johnson RC card

This is Magic Johnson’s rookie card

It is unique, but a very expensive card because it is also Larry Bird’s rookie card

The intention of this card is for it to break into three, so having the card together is valuable.

1981-82 Topps Magic Johnson #21

This is Magic Johnson’s first card by himself

It is his second year card

This card depicts an awesome action shot of Magic going in for a layup

1986-87 Fleer Magic Johnson #53

This card is from the iconic 86 set

Magic is also going for a layup in this picture

The red, white, and blue background makes this card look awesome

1986-87 Fleer Sticker Magic Johnson #7

This card is an insert in the 86 set

Only one of these fall per set so they are exclusive

The yellow part of this card looks nice and compliments Magics jersey

1995-96 Finest #252 Magic Johnson

This is a cool looking Magic Johnson card

This card got created during the junk wax era, but it is awesome for any Magic collection

1983-84 Star Company Magic Johnson #13 SP

This is a short print Magic Johnson card

It has a yellow border which makes the card look pleasing

Autograph Cards:

1993-94 Hoops Commemorative Larry Bird, Magic Johnson Dual Autograph

This is not a Magic Johnson card, but it’s still awesome

This card goes for a lot of money which is interesting considering it is an NBA hoops card

Make sure you find an authenticated version because the counterfeits look genuine.

Exquisite Collection Magic Johnson Autographs

These cards are like National Treasurers cards today

There is a beautiful logo and and autograph of Magic Johnson

Due to the short print, these cards can climb in value

1980-81 Topps card SP Signature Edition Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Julius Irving

This card looks awesome and parallels the 1980 rookie card version

It has the signatures of these three players

This card is super exclusive as there are only 25 of them in existence

Long-term Potential

Magic Johnson cards are not too expensive right now, but they have insane potential.

This is due to Magic Johnson having an interesting rookie card because it is a triple.

His other cards remain underrated as he was an outstanding player. He was on the dream team with Michael Jordan and one of the best point guards of all time.


Magic Johnson was a 6’ 9” point guard which is tall and super rare

He started an informal position called the point forward position

He was an amazing player and a Lakers Legend. Magic won 5 championships while he was in the NBA

You can’t go wrong with picking up one of these cards

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