Dallas Card Show

Entry Fee$10-$40
Foot TrafficHeavy
Bargain BinsAverage
Dealer FriendlinessEasy
Type of CardsSlabs, Basketball, Baseball, and Football
Modern/Vintage75% Modern 25% Vintage
Food OptionsLots Nearby
Show HoursVaries

The Dallas card show is the largest recurring show in the country. Every 2 months collectors across the U.S. fly to Texas in hopes of making the next big deal. It’s not uncommon to see 5 or 6 figure deals happening on the floor. In 2021 YouTuber SashaT did a 500,000 cash/trade deal for a first edition Charizard pokemon card.

Wheeling and dealing is the objective here. The deals don’t stop when the show ends for the day. Expect that to happen way later in the night as collecting takes over the hotel in the hallways and rooms. The Dallas card show never sleeps.

If you are planning on staying multiple days at the show, I highly recommend you grab a room early. Since the show brings in a heavy crowd, hotels tend to sell out rather quickly. It’s so much easier to stay at the host hotel than to walk or Uber to the show. 

DCS  is dominated by modern cards but still has a good mixture of vintage. Unlike the Philly or Chantilly Card show, autographs are not a major selling point for the shows. It’s much more card-focused. Also, I’ve found that dealers here tend to try liquidating more cards than other large shows. Maybe it’s modern sellers vs vintage, but there are tons of flipping opportunities at the show. I haven’t gone to a single DCS without coming ahead at the end of the weekend. 

I would also highly advise you to bring cash to a show as some sellers will only accept it as a form of payment. The majority here though will accept PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

Dallas Card Show Information

If you want to find out more information about the show, visit their website here.  The DCS takes place 6 times a year. Show hours vary from Thursday to Sunday.

Dallas Card Show 2022 Dates

  • May 19-22
  • July 14-17
  • September 8-11
  • November 3-6
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