Bob Cousy Basketball Cards

Bob Cousy Basketball Cards

Who Was Bob Cousy?

Bob Cousy was a Celtics legend who played alongside Bill Russell. He was a guard who routinely scored around 20 points a game before the 3 point line was even invented. He earned the nickname “Houdini of the Hardwood” for his ability to pass the ball well.

During his career, Cousy was an 8 time assist champ, 1956-57 MVP, and a 6 time NBA champion. He averaged 18 points and 7.5 assists per game in a time where teams did not score as much as they do in today’s game.



What are his Best Cards?

1951 Berk Ross #1-11

This is Cousy’s only pre-rookie as it shows him on his college team (Holy Cross). He shares a card with Richie Ashburn and it’s fairly scarce with a PSA pop of about 150. This was a multi-sport set which featured Hockey, Football, and Boxing as well as Basketball and Baseball.  

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1955 All-American Sports Club #83

Bob Cousy has two cards pre-dating his first flagship release and this is one of them. It only shows his face in black and white, but it’s a unique card. This card also comes from a multi-card set and this one has over 400 cards!

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1957 Topps #17

Cousy’s flagship card comes from this set. It’s the first card that depicts him in his Celtics uniform. These cards are notoriously off-centered, so keep that in mind when looking for one. This card is somewhat affordable as a PSA 4 just sold for $700.

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 10.41.25 AM

1961 Fleer #10

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Bob Cousy was an NBA legend and one of the best guards in his time

He is one of the best Celtics players of all-time and was putting up great numbers as a guard despite the 3 point line not being invented

He only has a handful of playing day cards

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