Mickey Mantle Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards

Mickey Mantle baseball cards are the staple of any serious collectors collection. Many devote a large percentage of their collection to his cards from the 50s and 60s.  Who is Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle was born in 1931 in Oklahoma. Along with baseball, Mantle also played football. However, in 1946, he sustained a terrible injury […]

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie CardsCategoriesPlayers

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards can be found in almost every baseball card collector’s collection. The face of baseball in the 1990s, Griffey dominated the sport as well as advertisments. Who is Ken Griffey Jr. Ken Griffey Jr. was born in 1969 in Pennsylvania. Ken Griffey Jr.’s father was a professional baseball player, so he […]

Yogi Berra Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Yogi Berra Baseball Cards

Yogi Berra baseball cards are extremely collectible by both Yankees fans and vintage collectors. One of the best catchers of all time, many want one in their collection.  Who is Yogi Berra? Larry “Yogi” Berra was born in 1925 in Missouri. He grew up in Italian culture and played many sports ranging from baseball to […]

Hank Greenberg Baseball CardCategoriesPlayers

Hank Greenberg Baseball Cards

Hank Greenberg Baseball Cards are a staple of the 1930s releases. Who is Hank Greenberg Hank Greenberg (a.k.a the Hebrew Hammer or Hammerin’ Hank) was born In 1911 in New York City, New York. Greenberg was a star at his local high school as a baseball player. He achieved every kid’s dream and was offered […]

Roberto Clemente Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards

Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards are a staple of any vintage collector’s collection. Even modern collectors strive to get a rookie or 1956 Topps. Before we jump into some of his most valuable and scarcest cards, let’s talk about him in more detail. Who was Roberto Clemente? Roberto Clemente was born in 1934 in Carolina, Puerto […]

Jimmie Foxx Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Jimmie Foxx Baseball Cards

Jimmie Foxx baseball cards are some of the most desirable pre-war cards in the 1930s. Who is Jimmie Foxx? James Emory Foxx was born in 1907 in Maryland. He grew up on a farm and learned an exceptional amount about baseball from his father. He was also ran track and excelled in the 220 yard […]

Mel Ott Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Mel Ott Baseball Cards

Mel ott baseball cards are a must for any pre war baseball card collector. He was easily one of the best players of the 1930s and a member of the 500 home run club. Who was Mel Ott? Melvin Thomas Ott was born in 1909 in Gretna, Louisiana. Ott was one of three children. His […]

Doble Aguila Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

Doble Aguila Baseball Cards

The 1931 Doble Aguila cards depict the Venezuelan League. They are black and white, and typically show more than one player on the card. The backs show a description in Spanish of the action shot on the front. The cards originate from Tobacco and are 1 3/4 by 2/34 in length. These cards are found […]


1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo

The 1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo set depicts players from the 1945 Cuban League winter ball season. These cards are smaller in size, they measure 1  7/8 by 2 5/8 and have a very thin stock (which is similar to other Cuban releases such as Propaganda Montiel). There are 100 cards in this set. All of these […]

Minnie Minoso Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Minnie Minoso Baseball Cards

Minnie Minoso Baseball Cards span over 4 decades and help cement his legacy across the sport. He is featured in many international releases and oddball sets. Shop for Authentic Graded Minnie Minoso Baseball Cards on eBay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4eibZOUxIc&ab_channel=BreakoutCards Who is Minnie Minoso Orestes (Minnie) Minoso a.k.a. the Cuban Comet was born in 1925 in Cuba. He […]

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