Venasaur Card

What is Venasaur?

Venasaur is the final evolution in the Bulbasaur line.

It is a grass-type Pokemon and one of the original starter Pokemon.

Venasaur’s Pokedex number is #003

It looks like a tortoise and has a flower blooming on its back

Why are Venasaur’s cards so expensive?

Venasaur is one of the most well-known and favorite grass-type Pokemon

Venasaur has many awesome cards and is one of the original 150 Pokemon

Many kids picked this Pokemon as their starter growing up

Most valuable cards:

Venasaur Base set 18/102

This card shows Venasaur with a green holo in the background

It is Venasaur’s most well-known card and collectors need this card for any sort of set rebuild

Venasaur Base set 1st edition shadowless 18/102

This is the holy grail Venasaur card

There is also a shadowless version that is not first edition

It is worth less than it’s Blastoise and Charizard counterparts, but still a very expensive card

Venasaur Base set 2 18/130

This card is identical to the base set card except it has a two in the bottom right corner of the picture

It is not worth as much as the base set crd, but it is still an awesome card to have

Erika’s Venasaur 1st edition #4

This card is from the gym leader challenge set

There is a first and non-first edition version

This card depicts Venasaur on the right side of the card picture

1998 Venasaur Japanese CD Promo #3

There is a beautiful picture of Venasaur on the card

This card got made before any U.S. cards existed

Can fetch a lot of money if graded a 9 or a 10

Long-term potential:

Venasaur will always have a nostalgic value

It might not be the most well known Pokemon, but anyone who knows Pokemon knows who this Pokemon is.

It might not be the most valuable card, but it will always maintain a high value.


Venasaur comes from the grass-type starter Pokemon Bulbasaur

It has many cards that are worth lots of money

Venasaur’s cards are not worth as much as some Pikachu cards or the other starters

 Regardless, It is one of the fan favorite Pokemon that 90s kids will always love.

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