Charizard Card

What is a Charizard?

Charizard is a Pokemon. It is a fire-type and one of the coolest looking Pokemon out there. Charizard is a fan favorite and one of the original 151 pokemon that made. This Pokemon comes from the Kanto region and is #006 in the Pokedex. Charizard is the final evolution of the starter Pokemon Charmander.

Why are Charizard’s Card Prices so expensive?

Charizard’s cards have been always been more expensive than any other card. Thus, there has been a boom in the Pokemon card market recently which has caused the cards to increase in price. Let’s analyze why that happened:

  • New Charizard cards are still created. The Pokemon Company has noticed that people will pay lots of money to try to pull the Charizard from the set. The demand is so high that these Charizards can go for around $600 in their raw form.
  • Famous Youtubers such as Logan Paul will do box breaks. In this breaks, they try to pull the Charizard out of a pack because it is the most valuable card in the set. These influencers have so many followers that they too want to get their hands on a Charizard. This drives up demand and has caused the Charizard card prices to go through the roof.
  • Charizard has made many appearances on Pokemon TV shows and movies. The most recent of which is the Detective Pikachu movie (2019). This movie shows Charizard is still getting exposure. Even decades after its original appearance.

Most valuable cards:

1999 Charizard Base Set #4/102

This card is also known as the unlimited base set Charizard.

Wizards of the Coast is the company that made this card. The Pokemon company did not make the cards until later in their history.

It has an iconic look as Charizard is breathing fire in the holographic picture

People love this card and there are some that have sold for $600 raw at the time of writing this! Crazy.

2000 Charizard Base Set 2 #4/130

This card is almost the same as the 4/102 base set card except it has a “2” in the bottom right corner of the picture.

This base set 2 version is not worth as much as the base set version, but it can still sell for a high price.

1999 Charizard Base Set Shadowless 1st edition #4/102

This is the card Logan Paul was searching for

It is the holy grail of Pokemon cards

There is also a shadowless non-1st edition version. It is not first edition, but can fetch thousands on Ebay.

A PSA 10 is currently worth upwards of $200k!

2002 Pokemon Neo Destiny 1st Edition Shining Charizard #107

This card depicts Charizard flying away

Even the normal version of this card goes for a lot of money.

The Charizard itself is holographic and this card is a must have for any avid Charizard collector.

2000 Pokemon Rocket 1st Edition Dark Charizard #4

This set has dark version of cards that team rocket owns.

The card has a holo and non-holo version

The holo version is worth more.

The 1st edition stamp also appreciates the card.

2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge 1st Edition Holo Blaine’s Charizard #2

The gym challenge set shows Pokémon that the gym leaders own

This card depicts a Charizard breathing out fire.

This is a holo card and a very nice version of Charizard

Charizard VMAX 74/73 Rainbow Secret Hyper Rare from Champions Path

This card has a rainbow background and has a 1/600 chance of finding it in a pack

There’s also a shiny Charizard in this set which goes for almost as much money as this card.

Even the boxes that these cards are in can resell from $80-$100!

2016 Pokémon XY Evolutions Holo Rare Charizard #11

This card looks like the base set card, but it got created in 2016 .

You can tell the difference when you look at the holo part. It looks  different compared to base set.

There is also a reverse holo version that can fetch a pretty penny.

Autograph cards:

Mitshuiro Arita is the illustrator of the base set Charizard card.

His autograph on the Charizard card helps it appreciate in value.

The autograph market is not as prevalent in Pokemon as it is in sports, but it could definitely catch on over time.

The most common Charizard card that autographed is the base set Charizard card.

Long Term Potential:

Pokemon has been around since the late 1990s. The Charizard card could become the Mickey Mantle card of the millennial generation.  Pokemon’s has stayed relevant with cards, TV shows, and movies. It is safe to say that Pokemon is not a random fad. It’s here to stay.


Charizard is a renowned Pokemon known throughout the world

Charizard’s cards have been skyrocketing in value. People have been set on “pulling the zard” from packs and booster boxes.

Charizard is the most collectable Pokemon and is super liquid in any marketplace

Some speculate that Pokemon is a bubble. As you can see from their multi-decade history, we do not think Pokemon is going anywhere soon.

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