Panini Prizm Base vs Silver

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Table of Contents

If you collect prizm cards, you’ve heard of the silver short print. 

And as a beginner in the sports card market, you might be a bit confused on how to identify one.

What is the difference between a base and silver card?

The cards look very similar. In fact both are silver looking.

Let’s take a look at two different ways in which you can tell a Prizm is a silver.

How To Tell if it’s a Silver

Prizm logo on the back

Starting in 2013, Panini added the Prizm logo on the back of silver cards.

You can find the Prizm logo on the upper right corner. 

If a card doesn’t have the Prizm logo, it’s base.

Look of the card

In person, it’s easy to tell a silver.

The card has a rainbow effect in the light.

If you are from the baseball market, it’s like a chrome refractor.

Now if you can’t see the card in person.

And are stuck online, there is still a way to tell it’s a silver.

Look at the top of the card, there should be a rainbow reflection.

No reflection = not silver.

Final Thoughts

I hoped this helped clear any confusion on silver Prizm cards.

If you need any help join the Discord or Facebook groups.

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