1948 Leaf Baseball

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48 – 49 leaf is one of the most exciting sets and helped revitalize the hobby.

It was the very first post-World War II set to feature color images on them.

Led by rookie cards for Jackie Robinson, Satchel Paige and numerous other Hall of famers, 1948-49 Leaf Baseball is a notable vintage release.

While rookie cards fill a substantial portion of the set, key veterans consist of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams.

The packed checklist is even more enhanced by short prints that occupy nearly half the set

I compare it to the Goudey set of 1933/34.

They both came after a time of no production, both had vivid colored pictures, full of hall of farmers, tons of rookie cards and both skipped cards to make kids purchase more packs.

Each card front features a player against a strongly colored background that is either solid or two-tone. The player’s name appears listed below a photo in a solid-colored box.

On the back, an ad for All-Star Baseball Gum appears at the bottom

Were they printed in 48 or 49

Hobbyists have long argued specifics about 1948-49 Leaf Baseball. Since the cards include both 1948 and 1949 copyright dates on them, they can be viewed as a two-year problem. 

Some collectors, however, compete that they are a 1949 issue because nearly all have details about the 1948 season on them.

How many cards are in the set?

A couple of aspects made things less clear for collectors. First, the cards are skip-numbered from 1-168.

 It’s not known why 1948-49 Leaf Baseball was skip-numbered, but it has been speculated that Leaf was hoping to get kids to keep investing their cents and nickels on cards that weren’t out there.

As late as 1960, collectors were still attempting to find out the number of cards the set consisted of in all. Eventually, after much internal pastime argument, it was identified that 98 cards complete the fundamental 1948-49 Leaf Baseball set.

Bowman Vs Leaf

1948 had the release of both sets.

Bowman was the first cards printed that year.

And it’s checklist is much smaller than that of Leaf.

Bowman has only 48 cards, where Leaf had 98.

Collectors gravitate towards the Leaf cards instead of Bowman.

Leaf cards are much rarer and have a better eye appeal then the 48 bowmans.

Also the star power is much stronger.

1948 Bob Feller

Bob Feller can be considered one of the greatest pitchers of all time. If he didn’t miss time for two wars, we could only imagine what his stats would be.

Either way, he’s still in cooperstown and is a card many collectors want.

He is the most famous indian player & an amazing pitcher.

1948 Ralph Kiner

From 1947-51, Kiner hit a minimum of 40 homers and drove in a minimum of 100 runs every season. 

After flying aircrafts in World War II, Kiner had made his major league launching in 1946 and was a natural pick to appear in the very first two major card sets in the post-War period.

1948 Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier a few years before. 

And this along with his 49 bowman are considered his first official rookie cards.

Anyone who wants a part of american history would want to collect this card.

1948 Stan Musial

Stan The Man is a Cardinal legend. 

One of the best overall players to ever play the game.

He ended his career with over 3000 hits and 100 war

1948 Larry Doby

Larry Doby was to the American League what Jackie Robinson was to the NL. 

Both are Hall of Famers. Jackie’s novice cards usually offer for 3 or 4 times what Doby’s go for, despite the fact that Doby’s 1948 Leaf card is a single print and much more hard to discover.

1948 Warren Spahn

Warren Spahn might be the best left handed pitcher of all time. 

With over 100 WAR and 369 wins to his name, he put up an extrmemly impressive career with the Braves.

He also ended up missing 3 years due to military service.

1948 Satchel Paige

Satchel Paige was the greatest Negro League pitcher.

He was such a good player, he would tell his outfielders to come in early as he knew he would strikeout the batter.

Paige got his chance at the big leagues at the age of 42.

At the time, this made him the oldest rookie to debut in the league.

Oh and he ended up being the oldest as well when he pitched 3 innings in 1965 at the age of 58.

1948 Leaf Babe Ruth

 A wildly popular card of Babe Ruth, who passed away at age 53 from cancer in August, 1948.

This card came out shortly after his death.

Which made it a really desirable card to collect.

1948 Leaf Joe Dimaggio

As all hobbyists understand, the very first cards in vintage sets were often positioned at the top of rubber-banded stacks by young collectors, therefore subjecting them to increased wear and tear.

 Finding enduring copies in nice condition is no easy task. Couple this with the truth that the ’48 Leaf set was printed on inferior cardboard stock, and it is no marvel higher grade specimens of DiMaggio’s # 1 card are so limited and preferable.

Clean and brightly colored with sharp corners for its technical grade, it is a really attractive mid-grade relic from DiMaggio’s playing days. 

1948 Leaf Ted Williams

Ted Williams is considered the Best Red Sox player of all time.

And if he didn’t miss time for two wars, potentially a top 5 player all time.

He had a career .344 batting average while slugging 521 homeruns and gathered over 120 war.

Yet, he still missed 3 seasons in his prime.

1948 Leaf John Wagner 

Among the more intriguing cards in 1948-49 Leaf Baseball is that of Honus Wagner (# 70), who, at the time, was a coach for the Pirates.

Wagner is shown dipping into a huge chaw of tobacco, which goes against the theory of his t206 getting pulled over tobacco.

While it’s not definite proof, it can allude to that he wasn’t paid enough to appear on the card.

1948 Leaf Checklist

A handful of recognized variations bring the master set measure to 101 total cards. 

Gene Hermanski can be found with and without the last ‘i’ in his name. Cliff Aberson has 2 different sleeve lengths. 

Lastly, Kent Peterson has him wearing either a red cap or a dark one.

1 Joe DiMaggio

3 Babe Ruth

4 Stan Musial

5 Virgil Trucks RC SP

8 Satchel Paige RC SP

10 Dizzy Trout

11 Phil Rizzuto

13 Cass Michaels RC SP

14 Billy Johnson

17 Frank Overmire RC

19 Johnny Wyrostek SP

20 Hank Sauer SP

22 Al Evans RC

26 Sam Chapman

27 Mickey Harris RC

28 Jim Hearn RC

29 Elmer Valo RC

30 Billy Goodman RC SP

31 Lou Brissie RC

32 Warren Spahn

33 Peanuts Lowrey RC SP

36 Al Zarilla SP

38 Ted Kluszewski RC

39 Ewell Blackwell

42 Kent Peterson RC – Blue Cap

42 Kent Peterson RC – Red Cap

43 Ed Stevens RC SP

45 Ken Keltner RC SP

46 Johnny Mize

47 George Vico RC

48 Johnny Schmidtz RC SP

49 Del Ennis RC

50 Dick Wakefield RC

51 Alvin Dark RC SP

53 Johnny Vander Meer

54 Bobby Adams RC SP

55 Tommy Henrich SP

56 Larry Jansen

57 Bob McCall RC

59 Luke Appling

61 Jake Early RC

62 Eddie Joost SP

63 Barney McCosky SP

65 Robert Elliott

66 Orval Grove RC SP

68 Eddie Miller SP

70 Honus Wagner

72 Hank Edwards RC

73 Pat Seerey RC

75 Dom DiMaggio SP

76 Ted Williams

77 Roy Smalley RC

78 Hoot Evers RC SP

79 Jackie Robinson RC

81 Whitney Kurowski RC SP

82 Johnny Lindell

83 Bobby Doerr

84 Sid Hudson

85 Dave Philley RC SP

86 Ralph Weigel RC

88 Frank Gustine RC SP

91 Ralph Kiner

93 Bob Feller SP

95 George Stirnweiss

97 Marty Marion

98 Hal Newhouser RC SP

102 Gene Hermanski RC – Hermansk

102 Gene Hermanski RC – Hermanski

104 Bud Stewart RC SP

106 Lou Boudreau MG RC

108 Matt Batts RC SP

111 Jerry Priddy RC

113 Dutch Leonard SP

117 Joe Gordon RC

120 George Kell RC SP

121 Johnny Pesky RC SP

123 Cliff Fannin RC SP

125 Andy Pafko RC

127 Enos Slaughter SP

128 Buddy Rosar

129 Kirby Higbe SP

131 Sid Gordon SP

133 Tommy Holmes RC SP

136 Cliff Aberson RC – Full Sleeve

136 Cliff Aberson RC – Short Sleeve

137 Harry Walker RC SP

138 Larry Doby RC SP

139 Johnny Hopp RC

142 Danny Murtaugh RC SP

143 Dick Sisler RC SP

144 Bob Dillinger RC SP

146 Pete Reiser SP

149 Hank Majeski RC SP

153 Floyd Baker RC SP

158 Harry Brecheen RC SP

159 Mizel Platt RC

160 Bob Scheffing RC SP

161 Vern Stephens RC SP

163 Fred Hutchinson RC SP

165 Dale Mitchell RC SP

168 Phil Cavaretta RC SP

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