Donovan Mitchell Rookie Card

Who is Donovan Mitchell?

Donovan Mitchell was born in 1996 in Elmsford, New York

His father was the director of player relations for the Mets, so he was around sports at an early age

Towards the end of his high school career he attended Brewster Academy. After high school, he attended Louisville University

He was not a stand out there his first year, but got better in his second year. Donovan Mitchell got drafted as the 13th pick in the NBA draft and got traded to the Utah Jazz.

Donovan Mitchell shocked the league on December 1st 2017 as he scored 41 points! He was only a rookie at the time and this was an insane performance.

From there, he solidified himself as an NBA all-star and made many playoff appearances.

He also earned the name “Spida-Mitchell” because he has an insane vertical leap

Why are his cards so expensive?

Donovan Mitchell was not expected to be an NBA all star. The team who picked him in the draft traded him that day. This makes him cards more valuable because people did not know he would be the player he is today

Jazz fans adore Mitchell and many see him as their franchise player. He has a likable personality and is someone people love to collect.

Most expensive cards:

Paper cards:

2017 Panini Donruss Donovan Mitchell RC #188

This card has the rated rookie design on the front

There are also many colors to collect

The base colors are blue and brown but there are other variations

2017 Panini Hoops Donovan Mitchell #263

This card has a cool wooden background

A classic design for a classic brand

There is also a silver version of this card

The only difference is the holo part on the outside of the card

Chrome cards:

2017 Optic Donovan Mitchell Holo #188

This card has the same design as the Donruss rookie card except it has an Optic logo

Also, this card is a chrome card while the Donruss card is not

There is also a non holo chrome version of this card

Both look similar so make sure to not confuse the two

If the card is an Optic Holo, then it is a refractor card

2017 Select Silver Prizm Donovan Mitchell  #11

There is also a non-silver version of this card that is identical except it’s not a refractor

The Select line has many versions of Donovan Mitchell cards

They are Concourse, Premier, and Court Side

This brand is not as valuable as the Prizm brand, but definitely a cool one to collect

2017 Panini Prizm Donovan Mitchell Silver #117

The Prizm brand has caught on and is one of the most expensive brands of modern cards

The card has a base version, parallels, and a silver version

Even his base cards have climbed a lot in price recently

Autograph cards:

2017 Crown Royale Donovan Mitchell Crown Autograph

This card has an aesthetic design

There is a crown in the background and a signature in the middle of the card

There is also a signature in the middle of the card

It is only numbered out of 199, so this card is unique

2017 Panini Contenders Rookie Season Ticket Autographs Donovan Mitchell #STDML

These cards are very popular in the football market. They are starting to get popular in the basketball market as well

The card depicts Donovan Mitchell shooting and ticket information on the right

On the bottom of the card, there is a signature

This is a nice card to hold because it has lots of potential

2017 Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph #113

You cannot go wrong with this brand

The card has a beautiful colored patch

There are only 99 of these in existence

This is Donovan Mitchell’s most expensive rookie card

Long-Term Potential:

Donovan Mitchell has the potential to become a future Hall of Famer

He has proven himself to be an outstanding guard

Mitchell can shoot well and  jump high for a guard

He has only been in the league for a couple of years but he has a lot to prove


Donovan Mitchell has a lot of cool cards to choose from

He has the potential to become the best guards in the current NBA

Mitchell earned the nickname “Spida-Mitchell” due to his jumping ability

He was a diamond in the rough for the Utah Jazz and has turned out to be an amazing player

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