Julius Erving Rookie Card

Who is Julius Erving?

Julius Erving was born on February 22, 1950 in Roosevelt, New York.

He attended Roosevelt High School

He got the nickname “The Professor” after his style of play. Over time, this nickname got molded into his final nickname: Dr. J

After high School, Julius Erving played for the University of Massachusetts. He dominated his competition with 32 points a game and 20 rebounds per game.

In 1971, Erving left college and joined the Virginia Squires in the ABA. He had an amazing rookie season, and was even drafted into the NBA by the Milwaukee Bucks. But, he was not allowed to go to the NBA because he already signed a contract with an ABA team.

Although this is not professional play, Dr. J was a legend at Rucker Park. There was a time where dunking was illegal, so the doctor brought his famous moves to this park. People used to gather around and watch him perform this magic.

In 1976, Dr. J won the first ever ABA dunk contest. He finally got to showcase his talents in front of crowds of people

After 1976, the ABA collapsed and ended up merging with the NBA. The 76ers ended up picking up Dr. J for 3 million dollars

Julius Erving had trouble winning an NBA championship when he arrived. The first year, he felt short to the Los Angelos Lakers and a young Magic Johnson. In 1982 Julius Erving and his team were NBA champions

In 1993 he got elected to the basketball hall of fame

Why are his cards so expensive?

His cards are expensive because they got made before sports cards were mass produced. If you can find them in mint condition, they are worth picking up.

Dr. J revolutionized the sport of basketball 

Some people recognize him as one of the best players of all-time


Most Expensive Cards:


1986-87 Fleer Sticker Julius Erving #5

This card is in the famous 86 set

There is only one sticker card in every pack

This is a card in his later years, but it is still cool to collect

Most people took the stickers off the cards, so the card is collectible

1975-76 Topps Julius Erving #300

Julius Erving is in action in this picture

This is an ABA card that is also an all-star card

It is unique and has colors that pop

A very nice addition to any Dr. J collection

1980-81 Topps Julius Erving, Magic Johnson RC, Larry Bird RC #6

This is a triple card including Magic, Bird, and Dr. J

The Magic and Bird cards are rookie cards

Dr, J got featured in the middle and this card is a holy grail

This card is worth even more than his rookie card

1972-73 Topps Julius Erving RC #195

This is an awesome rookie card of Dr. J on the Virginia Squires

The card has a yellow background and Erving is shooting a red, white, and blue ball

The centering on these cards is rough, but if you can find a centered one it can go for lots of money

1986-87 Fleer Julius Erving #3

This is the normal card from the 86 Fleer set

It has a nice background and super collectible

It isn’t expensive, and a very cool card

1977-78 Topps Julius Erving #100

This is an NBA card of Julius Erving 

It’s Dr. J’s first year on the Sixers

The card depicts a portrait of Erving on the bench

Long-Term Potential:

Dr. J was an awesome player that was ahead of his time

He brought a sense of swagger and style that no one had ever seen before

Erving had an awesome afro and is a distinguishable player

He is an ABA and NBA championship

Julius Erving is a basketball icon and his cards will continue to climb in value over time


Dr. J got famous for his dunking and flamboyant play style

He dominated the ABA and NBA and won championships in both

His cards are gaining value, but they aren’t expense

You cannot go wrong with this legend in your personal collection

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