Trae Young Rookie Card

Who is Trae Young?

Trae was born in Lubbock, Texas. His father was a former hooper and played at Texas Tech.

Trae grew up in Oklahoma. He started to make a name for himself in High School where he averaged an astonishing 42 points a game.

He was a five star recruit at the height of 6’ 1 and participated in the Mcdonald’s All-American game.

People started to take notice and the Oklahoma Sooners recruited Trae Young.

In his only year in college, he averaged about 27 points per game while shooting 36% from the 3 point line.

These numbers are amazing considering a college game is only 40 minutes long.

The Mavericks drafted Trae Young with the 5th pick, but the Mavericks soon traded this pick to the Hawks.

He had a great first year as he made the all-rookie first team.

In 2020, he averaged 23 points a game.

The Hawks did not have a great year but this team has lots of future potential.

Why are his cards so expensive?

Trae Young’s cards are valuable because he has been thriving in the NBA

He can shoot the ball well from deep and even has the ability to shoot from far behind the 3 point line.

This forces defenders to play close to Trae Young at all times.

Most valuable Trae young cards:

Paper cards:

2018 Panini Luminance RC #139

This card looks very clean.

It does have Trae’s name in chrome, but the rest of the card is paper.

It depicts him going in for a layup with the crowd in the background.

2018 Panini Chronicles RC #94

This is Trae’s normal chronicles card

He is wearing a unique jersey color

The card says “Youth Serves Youth” on the front of the card

2018 Panini Chronicles Playoff #175

Chrome cards:

2018 Optic Trae Young RC #198

This card has a clean appearance and a rated rookie emblem in the top left corner.

There is also a Donruss version of this card, but the optic is worth more.

This is an affordable card that looks awesome.

2018 Panini Select Concourse RC #45

This card depicts a nice action shot of Trae

There are variations of this card that have different colors

Also, there are court side, and premier versions.

2018 Panini Status RC #142

This card has a rainbow foil and Trae is wearing a white jersey

This card is in retail packs and is affordable for anyone who wants a Trae Young rookie

2018 Panini Prizm RC #78

This is one of Trae’s best know rookie cards

The prizm brand has become an iconic panini brand

These cards hold their value

Autograph cards:

2018 Panini Impeccable /99 RPA  #115

There are only 99 cards that are identical to this one

This card is worth a lot raw, but a PSA 10 could skyrocket into an insane price.

The patch is multi-colored with a signature on the bottom

2018 Panini Spectra RPA #104

This brand is exclusive, but people go crazy for it

RPAs are rare and in limited condition

Even a normal spectra card is worth a nic sum of money

2018 Panini National Treasures /99 RPA #103

There is nothing like national treasurers

The patch is beautiful and the card has lots of demand

If Trae young lives up to his potential, this card could be worth a ridiculous amount of money

Perfect for a personal collection

Trae’s Long term potential

Trae has the ability to become a player like Stephen Curry. He can attack the basket and make it rain from deep.

There are few outstanding shooters from beyond the 3 point line and Trae is one of them. The Hawks have the potential to be a force in the future with Trae Young leading the team.


Trae Young is a stand out player who can shoot the lights out.

He only played one year of college ball as people knew he had great potential in the pros

He has live up to his reputation and will continue to amaze people.

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