Blastoise card

Who is Blastoise?

Blastoise is one of the three starter pokemon in the original pokemon game.

Blastoise is the 3rd evolution of the squirtle line.

This pokemon is a water-type and has two cannons on its shell.

It is entry #009 in the Pokedex and described as the Shelfish Pokemon.

Why are Blastoise’s cards so expensive?

Blastoise is a fan favorite.

He is one of the most well known Pokemon and many of the kids who played Pokemon picked Squirtle as their starter.

After a period of time, they evolved it to be a Wartortle and then again to become a Blastoise.

This pokemon’s cards are the third most valuable. The only Pokemon it falls behind is Charizard and Pikachu.

Most Valuable cards:

Blastoise base set unlimited #2/104

This card depicts a blastoise in the middle with a blue holo in the background.

This is Blastoise’s most iconic card.

It is also one of this Pokemon’s best selling cards.

Base set shadowless 1st edition #2/104

This is Blastoise’s most valuable card.

There is also a shadowless non-first edition version of this card.

This card has been skyrocketing in value and is a holy grail card

Blastoise base set 2 #2/130

The card is identical compared to the base set Blastoise. The only exception is it has a two in the bottom right corner of the picture.

This card is not worth as much as a base set card, but it has proved that it still holds its price well.

Dark Blastoise Holo 3/82

This card depicts Blastoise’s cannon aimed at the person who is holding the card

This is a part of the team rocket set.

There are also non-holo versions that are worth less than the holo

This card has a first edition which can fetch a higher price if it is in great condition.

Blastoise Japanese base set #009

This is the Japanese version of the base set card.

It is not worth as much as the english counterpart, but still has proved to have some good value to it.

If this card lacks a rarity symbol, the value can shoot up in price. Make sure to look out for this.

Blastoise Japanese CD promo #009

This is a Japanese promo card

Most promo cards aren’t worth much (especially if they are new), but this is an exception.

In 1998, the promo card debuted before the english versions even came out.

Long term potential:

Blastoise is an iconic Pokemon. This Pokemon’s card is more valuable than most and some have sold for thousands of dollars! Many Pokemon fans adore Blastoise and this card’s value will continue to rise over time. Blastoise is definitely a card worth picking up.


Blastoise derives from the water-type starter Squirtle

Blastoise is one of the most valuable Pokemon cards

This Pokemon has appeared in many videos and movies

Be sure to check out our Blastoise video on Youtube!

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