Anthony Edwards Rookie Cards

Anthony Edwards Rookie Cards

Anthony Edwards rookie cards are in demand for basketball card collectors who focus on prospecting.

In 2020 with the 1st overall pick in the draft the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Anthony “Ant Man” Edwards. Coming out of Georgia, a school not known for their basketball program, Anthony Edwards wasn’t a lock for the number 1 pick. However he proved his value in his 1st year scoring 19.3 points per game. He did not win the Rookie of the Year, but he was a 1st All-Rookie Team. 

Card wise Anthony Edwards was a very hyped Rookie Card to own with even his base cards going for double digit $. The 2020 Rookie class is still to this day highest sought after, including other notable rookies like LaMelo, Desmond, Wiseman, and Haliburton. 2020 was also the year the card collecting hobby exploded in popularity in part due to the CoronaVirus. This lead to a shortage of cards compared to new demand 

Donruss Rated Rookie

Anthony Edwards Rated Rookie

A Classic Rookie card which is highly sought after by small collectors for a cheap RC card. 

This Anthony Edwards Rookie card is found in Retail Donruss packs making it quite common. PSA has graded ~600 which is low due to overprinting. Parallels include Green Laser, Green Flood, Green & Yellow Laser, Orange Laser, Red & Gold Laser, Yellow Flood, Press Proof Silver #/349, Press Proof Purple #/199, Purple Laser #/99, Red Laser #/99, Blue Laser #/49, Yellow Laser #/25, Red & Blue Laser #/15, Gold Laser #/10, Black Laser 1/1

Donruss Clearly Rated Rookie

clear edwards ropokie

With a clear background and plastic stock, these cards are considered good cards to some and bad cards to others. This card features a photo variation of Anthony Edwards compared to the normal Rated Rookie. Parallels include Gold, Purple, Mosaic Holo, Blue /99, Red /49, Green /25, Silver Holo /10, Gold Holo /5, Platinum Holo 1/1

Optic Rated Rookie

Edwards Rated Rookie

Another Rated Rookie with a different photo, Optic tends to be a more sought after card due to quality of card stock. PSA has graded ~2,800 with more Holo graded than Base card graded.

 Parallels include Holo, Photon, Hyper Pink, Purple, Purple Shock, Blue, Blue Velocity, Dragon, Red, White Sparkle, Checkerboard, Orange /199, Lime Green /149, Red /99, Purple /95, Red /88, Red /85, Pink /79, Blue /59, Blue /50, Black /39, Pink /25, Pink /20, Gold /10, Lucky Envelopes /8, Green /5, Black 1/1, Gold Vinyl 1/1, Nebula 1/1


Ant Chronicles Rookie

2020 Anthony Edwards Chronicles included Base Panini, Threads, Prestige, Luminous, Playbook, Essentials, Marquee, Plates and Patches, Majestic Limited, Gala, Titanium Draft Position, Gold Standard,  Crusade, Hometown Heroes, Phoenix, Honors, Score ,Classics, Rookies and Stars, and Legacy Totally Certified. PSA has graded ~450 with over 112 different card types! Parallels include Bronze, Green, Green Ice, Pink Teal, Red /149, Blue /99, Purple /49, Gold /10, Lucky Envelopes /8, Platinum 1/1

NBA Hoops


Different from the 2019 premium stock, the 2020 NBA Hoops featured a very simple design that lacked any iconic look. PSA graded ~1,700 Anthony Edward rookie cards with 1450 being base cards. 

Parallels included Winter, Blue, hyper Blue, Green, Purple, Purple Explosion, Purple Winter, Redbox, Teal Explosion, Yellow, Silver /199, Hyper Red /99, Green Explosion /89, Red /75, Teal /70, Blue Explosion / 59, Artist Proof /25, Hyper Green /25, Orange /25, Orange Explosion /25, Red Explosion /15, Artist Proof Gold /10, Hyper Gold /10, Artist Proof 1/1


contenders auto

Anthony Edward rookie cards are only found as an insert Auto or Memorabilia (Jersey) in the Contenders series. The draft class 2020 Anthony Edwards rookie card being the most common. PSA has graded ~5 of these cards likely due to the 2020 grading slowdown. Parallels include Red, Cracked Ice /25, Championship Edition 1/1


ant illusions rookie

Illusions is a retail product known for its dark parallels with a similarity to Noir bobby. 

With only ~30 PSA graded cards, it is one of the lowest retail graded cards due to unpopularity. Parallels include Bronze, Emerald, Orange, Pink, Sapphire, Starlight, Yellow /149, Ruby /125, Red /99, Teal / 75, Black /49, Blue /25,  Gold /10, Green /5, Purple 1/1



A series that only ran for the 2020-21 season with no plans for future series as Panini has inserted it into the Chronicles series. Many not liking the Flux series, Anthony Edwards rookie card happens to be quite cheap compared to others. 

PSA has only graded ~220 Anthony Edwards RC. Parallels include Light Blue, Moonlight, Pink, Red, Silver, Sunrise, Blue /99, Supernova /75,  Solar Eclipse /49, Lunar eclipse /25, Purple Scope /18, Gold /10, Gold Scope /8, Green /5, Black 1/1


mosaic any rookie

The second year of Panini’s newer series featured largely the same look as last year with a normal rookie card and a NBA debut rookie card. PS a has graded ~2,350  with 110 Genesis (Case Hit). 

Parallels include Mosaic, Camo Pink, Gold Wave, Green, Green Ice, Red, Red Wave, Genesis, Blue /99, Purple /49, Orange Fluorescent /25, White /25, Blue Fluorescent /15, Pink Swirl /11, Gold /10,  Green Fluorescent /10,  Green Swirl /10,  Pink Fluorescent /10,  Lucky Envelopes /8,  Black 1/1



Panini’s headliner series with a classic silver foil picturing Anthony Edwards with 2 photo variations. Prizm with by far the most PSA graded cards at ~7,200 With more photo variation (~1,850) graded than normal variation (~1,450). 

Parallels include Silver,  Blue Wave, Gold Wave, Green, Green Ice, Hyper, Orange Ice, Pink can Ice, Purple Wave, Red Ice, Red/White/Blue, Ruby Wave, White Sparkle, Red /299, Blue /199, Purple Ice /175, Blue Ice /125, Purple /99, Orange Wave /60, Orange /49, Pink Pulsar /42, Blue Shimmer /35, Purple Pulsar /35, Green Pulsar /25, Mojo /25, Gold /10, Gold Shimmer /10, Lucky Envelopes /8, Black Gold /5, Green Shimmer /5, Black 1/1, Black Shimmer 1/1



This set has Anthony Edwards Rookie Cards coming in three different variants called Concourse, Premier Level, and Courtside with increased rarity. 

PSA has graded ~1320 with ~970 from Concourse #61, ~240 Premier Level, and ~110 Courtside. Parallels include Blue Retail, Elephant, Scope, Silver, Tiger, Tri-Color, Zebra, Red White Orange, Blue White Purple, Red White Green, Cosmic, Green White Purple, Light Blue /299, Red /199, White /149, Neon Green /75, Teal White Pink /49, Blue White Green /49, Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Lucky Envelopes /8, Green /5, Black 1/1, Black White Gold 1/1

Absolute Memorabilia

absolute ed

A lesser-known hobby box known for its thicker cards with a small supply of Anthony Edward rookie cards. Only 14 PSA graded cards with only one PSA 10 (Base). Parallels include Dollar Tree, Red /199, Blue /99, Orange /75, Teal /49, Purple /25, Gold /10, Green /5, Black 1/1 

Final Thoughts on Anthony Edwards Rookie Cards

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