Tris Speaker Baseball Cards

Tris Speaker is featured in many of the iconic baseball card sets of the early 1900s. One of the best players in the game, his career is often overshadowed by the legendary Ty Cobb. 

While Speaker had a career WAR of 135, 3500 hits, and a 158 OPS+ his cards are a fraction of the price of Cobb’s. This makes Speaker a more affordable option if you are looking for HOF Pre War Cards or legendary baseball players

Tris Speaker Rookie Card

Speaker has a few cabinet and postcards from 1907 and 1908 but many consider his T206 to be the true rookie card. 

It came out in 1909 which was his 3rd year in the league.

Tris Speaker Cards

1909-1911 T206

Unlike many other stars in the T206 set, Speaker only has one card. Which makes finding a T206 a bit more difficult.

Different backs found on the cards will increase the value. Rarer backs like Hindu or Lenox multiply the value of the card.

1911 T205

The T205 Cards are considered some of the best-looking cards ever produced. The T205 is a slightly cheaper option but in my opinion a much nicer-looking card.

They have a gold finish to them which makes the cards stand out quite a bit,

1912 T207

The T207 cards were produced in 1912 which was Tris Speakers MVP year. That year, Speaker hit .383 and stole 52 bases.

Like the T205 and T206 cards, you can find different advertisements on the back. The most common in this set are Recruits which wasn’t featured in the previous speaker cards.

You can also find Broadleaf, Cycle, Napoleon, and Red Cross.

1912 T202

Also released in 1912 Hassan Triple Folders features 3 different cards in one. The booklets featured portraits on both sides and a big picture in the middle. 

The images used on the portraits were the same as the previous year’s t205 release.

Tris Speaker has two different cards in this set. One with Smokey Joe Wood and the other with Hack Engle.

Joe Wood is the one to get as he had a borderline HOF career as a two-way player. He was a great pitcher until hurting his arm. He then transitioned to a position player where he batted .283 for his career. In total, he had over 40 WAR in his short injury-plagued career.

1914 Cracker Jack

CJs are some of the most iconic baseball card sets of all time. These cards are much more difficult to find than other cards on this list. In fact, the 1914 Cracker Jack Speaker is more expensive than his t206 rookie card in low grade.

1915 Susini #202

Susini is an oddball multi-sport release in which you can find athletes ranging from George Hackenschmidt to Jack Johnson. Released in Cuba, these black border cards are tough to get in good shape. 

The front of the card states Base Ball, and speaker isn’t directly named. But this was common with international pre-war baseball cards.

1933 Goudey #89

While Speaker retired in 1928, this card was released 5 years later. This wasn’t uncommon in the 33 Goudey release as other retired stars like Lajoie and Cobb also have appearances.

Being an iconic set in the hobby that many people want to collect, the Speaker always has a high demand. 

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