Cy Young Baseball Cards

Cy Young was one of the greatest pitchers of his era. Winning over 500 games and striking out close to 3,000 hitters, he accumulated a massive 163 WAR. 

Many today know of the award named after him which was introduced a year after his passing in 1956. Today it’s awarded to the best pitcher in the American and National leagues. But for it’s first 10 years, there was only 1 winner for both leagues. 

1893 Just So Cy Young Rookie Card

Getting called up in 1890, Cy Young just missed out on having an Old Judge or Allen & Ginter Rookie Card. His first official release is 1893 Just So. The set only had 16 players who had played for the Cleveland Spiders.

Besides Young, you can also find cards for HOFs like Buck Ewing, John Clarkson, and Jesse Burkett.

In 2018 Heritage auctioned a signed version of this card which sold for slightly under $100,000.

1903 E107

The next major card for Young came 10 years later in 1903. The E107s were the first cards released in the 1900s.

E107s are really tough to come across and expensive when they eventually make it to an auction house. 

A PSA 1 Cy Young Blank Back sold for $22,000 in early 2021. 

1909-1911 T206

Cy Young has 3 different T206 cards in the set. By far his most expensive is the green portrait.

As with all other T206 cards, you can find a variety of different backs that can greatly impact the value.

1909 E90-1

In Early 1909, Young was traded from the Boston Americans to the Cleveland Naps for $12,500 and 2 other players. This release depicted Young on both teams through two different cards.

The Boston Americans Cy Young Caramel was also featured on season 5 of Pawn Stars. 

1911 T205

The T205 Gold Border was Cy Young’s last playing day card. I picked up one of these at the Dallas Card show when I traded away my Nolan Ryan BVG 6 rookie card. 

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