1934 Goudey Baseball

1934 Goudey Baseball is the follow-up to the popular 1933 release and brings over much of what made the initial a hobby staple. 

Given their intense, distinctive colors, it is simple to see why the 1934 Goudey baseball cards have kept a devoted following amongst classic card collectors

Taking things to the next level, Lou Gehrig was induced in an official capacity and is associated with the vintage set.

Comprising only 96 cards, the 34 Goudey set is not excessively challenging to finish, even with the last 2 dozen cards being comparatively harder to find. 

Set Design

Many of the initial cards in the set use the same design as 1933, but add subtle updates.

This is apparent when you take a look at an early card such as Lefty Grove.

The player’s name is featured at the top of the card and the bottom uses a blue or red banner with a tagline that checks out “Lou Gehrig states.” or “Chuck Klein says.

Lou Gehrig is featured on 84 cards, while Klein is only on 12.

Those 12 were cards later in the set of National League players.

While the 1934 Goudey Baseball fronts showcase an updated appearance, the card backs are very comparable to the 1933 style.

Instead of a standard bio with player statistics, the details on the back exist as a direct quote from either Lou Gehrig or Chuck Klein.

In addition, some cards consist of trivia concerns about baseball records on the reverse (e. g., on the back of Ed Wells’ card (No. 73): “What popular pitcher was denied by John McGraw? See answer on card No. 85.”). Near the bottom of Adam Comorosky’s card is the answer: “Lefty Grove, now with the Boston Red Sox in 1926.”

Set Checklist

Although there are no main short prints, the high numbers (# 73-96) are noticeably harder to locate. 

Top Cards to Collect

Lou Gehrig

The 2 Lou Gehrig cards (No. 37 and No. 61) are far and away the most popular and important in the set. 

Gehrig’s picture (No. 37), in reality, is among the most identifiable baseball cards ever issued. 

Hank Greenberg

Right after Lou Gehrig’s card No. 61 in the set is another huge name in Hall of Famer Hank Greenberg. 

Greenberg was a significant star of the day and his card is extremely essential here in that he wasn’t included in the 1933 concern.

His 34 Goudey is considered his Rookie Card.

Jimmie Foxx

Foxx had actually just won the Triple Crown, so it’s not a surprise Goudey made him the very first card in their 2nd set

Kiki Cuyler

Cuyler’s card is the only Hall of Famer in the high number series, it’s absolutely one of the more notable cards in the release.

This is one of the 12 cards that features Chuck Klein instead of Lou Gehrig

Nap Lajoie

The infamous Nap Lajoie mashup card showcases a 1934 Goudey front and 1933 Goudey back. It’s technically a 1933 card but was printed with the 34 goudey cards. 

Anyone who complained to Goudey about the missing card #106 got the Lajoie sent to them in the mail. That way they could complete the 1933 set.

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