1961 Fleer Basketball

After the 1957 Topps set, basketball cards weren’t produced for four years. In 1961, Topps did not make a basketball set; Fleer did. This set has vibrant colors in the background of each card which make it easily recognizable. It also contains rookie cards of many Hall-of-Famers and is considered a small set with only 66 cards overall.

Notable cards

Wilt Chamberlain #8

The most infamous of which is the Wilt Chamberlain card. It depicts him on the Philadelphia Warriors with a maroon background.

Wilt Chamberlain averaged 30 points and 22 rebounds a game over his entire 15 year  career. During this time, Chamberlain was a 2x NBA champ, 4x MVP, 7x scoring champ, and also once won the assist champ title as well. He also once scored 100 points in a single game!

One fact about Wilt Chamberlain that most people don’t know is that he was not only inducted in the basketball hall of fame but also in the volleyball hall of fame.

According to the data above, there aren’t too many Wilt Chamberlain’s out there as it’s a fairly uncommon card. It’s been trending up down and is between the $4,000 – $6,000 range.

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Oscar Robertson #36

Robertson averaged 25 points 7 rebounds and 9 assists per game for his career. That means he almost averaged a triple double. The big O was a 6x assist champ who also won the MVP and NBA champion.

Believe it or not, Robertson hase a card that predates the 1961 Fleer. It’s in the 1960 Kahn Weiners set and it’s an oversized card.

Jerry West #43

West averaged 27 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists per game. He also won one NBA championship, a scoring champ, and was an all-star in every season of his career.

Similar to Robertson, West also has his debut card in the 1960 Kahn’s Wieners set.

Card Specs

As mentioned earlier, the 1961 Fleer cards do have a colorful background and these colors do vary. On the front, the top of these cards have the team name of the player and the logo on the top left. The position and name of the player are below the team name. Below all the text is a picture of a player.

The backs of these cards are horizontal. On the right, there is a teal stripe with the card number circled. The text on this card has an in-depth bio and stats on the bottom of 1960-61 and the player’s whole career.

One unique aspect of this set is that it has an “In Action” card of some of the players in the set. These are unique as most sets don’t have two separate cards of certain players. Out of the 66 cards in the set, 22 of them are “In Action” cards. Here is a checklist down below of the 66 cards in this set.

1961 Fleer Basketball Checklist:

*Cards 45-66 are In Action

1 Al Attles

2 Paul Arizin

3 Elgin Baylor

4 Walt Bellamy

5 Arlen Bockhorn

6 Bob Boozer

7 Carl Braun

8 Wilt Chamberlain

9 Larry Costello

10 Bob Cousy

11 Walter Dukes

12 Wayne Embry

13 Dave Gambee

14 Tom Gola

15 Sihugo Green

16 Hal Greer

17 Richie Guerin

18 Cliff Hagan

19 Tom Heinsohn

20 Bailey Howell

21 Rod Hundley

22 K.C. Jones

23 Sam Jones

24 Phil Jordon

25 John Kerr

26 Rudy Larusso

27 George Lee

28 Bob Leonard

29 Clyde Lovellette

30 John McCarthy

31 Tom Meschery

32 Willie Naulls

33 Don Ohl

34 Bob Pettit

35 Frank Ramsey

36 Oscar Robertson

37 Guy Rodgers 

38 Bill Russell

39 Dolph Schayes

40 Frank Selvy

41 Gene Shue

42 Jack Twyman

43 Jerry West

44 Lenny Wilkens

45 Paul Arizin 

46 Elgin Baylor

47 Wilt Chamberlain

48 Larry Costello

49 Bob Cousy

50 Walter Dukes

51 Tom Gola

52 Richie Guerin

53 Cliff Hagan

54 Tom Heinsohn

55 Bailey Howell 

56 John Kerr 

57 Rudy Larusso

58 Clyde Lovellette

59 Bob Pettit 

60 Frank Ramsey 

61 Oscar Robertson

62 Bill Russell 

63 Dolph Schayes 

64 Gene Shue 

65 Jack Twyman 

66 Jerry West 

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