Elgin Baylor Basketball Cards

Who is Elgin Baylor?

Elgin Gay Baylor was drafted 14th overall by the Lakers and stayed with the team for the rest of his career. Baylor averged 27 points and 13 rebounds per game. This was very impressive considering he was only 6 foot 5 inches tall. Most centers nowadays have a hard time obtaining those numbers.


He earned the nickname “Big Hurt” from being a bruiser in the paint and was an all-star for almost his entire career. Unfortunately, he did not win a championship in his NBA caree rdue to the dynasty of Bill Russell and the Celtics. Elgin Baylor passed away in 2021 at the age of 86.


Best Cards:

1961 Fleer #3

This is considered Elgin Baylor’s rookie card. 

It has a giraffe on it and looks strikingly similar in color to the Oscar Robertson card from the set


Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 9.42.04 AM

1968 Topps Test #18

Believe it or not, this is considered Baylor’s second year card

This set was not released to the public which makes it so rare to come by


The back of the card has a part of a picture

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 9.42.51 AM

1969 Topps #35

This card is his first tall boy


It’s the next obtainable card following the 61 Fleer

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 9.45.51 AM

1970 Topps #65

This card is also a tall boy

It looks strikingly similar to Baylor’s 1969 Topps card


One distinction from the 1969 topps is that this card has a blue background

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 9.47.01 AM

1971 Topps #10

This is Elgin Baylor’s last playing day card


It shows him in the shooting form

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 9.48.56 AM


Elgin Baylor was a lakers legend despite not winning a championship

He played in an era of legendary big men and dominated


Baylor is gone but never forgotten

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