1970 Topps Basketball

This is the second time that Topps made a tall boys set. The tall boy cards are very distinct and difficult to obtain in great condition. The main difference between this set and the 1969 tall boys set (besides the rookies) is that these cards have more vibrant colors. The background of these cards appear […]


1972 Topps Basketball

After 1970, Topps switched to using normal sized cards (as opposed to the tall boys). This makes the 1972 Topps set their 2nd normal sized card set. The 1972 Topps Basketball set contains both NBA and ABA cards which makes it unique. These cards have a white border and a dark colorful background.  There are […]


1957 Topps Basketball

This is Topps’ full first basketball set. It contains 80 cards and about every card in the set is considered a rookie card. These cards are in color and have a yellow and red banner. There are 30 single-prints, 49 double-prints, and 1 quadruple print. It’s important to note that these sets are known to […]


1969 Topps Basketball

After the 1961 Fleer set, there was no major production of cards until 1969. It wasn’t until this year that Topps produced its first basketball set. Technically, there was a 1968 Topps Test set made before the 1969 Topps, but it was never released to the public (note: these cards are extremely rare and carry […]


1961 Fleer Basketball

After the 1957 Topps set, basketball cards weren’t produced for four years. In 1961, Topps did not make a basketball set; Fleer did. This set has vibrant colors in the background of each card which make it easily recognizable. It also contains rookie cards of many Hall-of-Famers and is considered a small set with only […]


1980 Topps Basketball

The 1980 Topps Basketball set is renowned in the hobby for several reasons. Firstly, these three-panel sets were perforated. This is the only vintage basketball set that has perforated cards. In fact, you might find some separated panels on eBay or at a card show. When collecting this set, it’s imperative to note that the […]

Ty Cobb Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Ty Cobb Baseball Cards

Ty Cobb baseball cards are an absolute must for any card collector. Who is Ty Cobb Tyrus Raymond Cobb was born in 1886 in Narrows Georgia. His parent’s really wanted him to pursue an academic career, however, Ty Cobb had other plans. In 1904 he started his professional career with the Augusta baseball team of […]


1986 Fleer Basketball

After the 1981 Topps set, there weren’t any major basketball releases for a couple of years. Some smaller issues such as the 1984-85 Star set were produced, however, no major basketball card sets were released until the 1986 Fleer. This release is the most iconic basketball set of all time. It’s renowned in the hobby […]


Bay Area Card Show

Entry Fee $5 Tables 90 Foot Traffic Medium Walkability Medium Bargain Bins Low Dealer Friendliness Medium Type of Cards Mixture of Everything Modern/Vintage 70% Modern 30% Vintage Food Options Bar at Venue Venue Banquet Hall Show Hours  9 AM – 3 PM Saturday & Sunday  Not to be confused with San Francisco’s 300 table show, […]


Chantilly Card Show

Entry Fee $10-$25 Tables 300 Foot Traffic Heavy Walkability Medium Bargain Bins Low Dealer Friendliness Medium Type of Cards Mixture of Everything Modern/Vintage 30% Modern 70% Vintage Food Options Walking Distance Venue Event Center Show Hours Friday 3 PM – 8 PM Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM The […]

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