1948 Bowman Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

1948 Bowman Baseball Cards

With the end of WW2, sports cards were being produced again. Paper scarcity in the U.S. had ended the production of cards after the Pearl Harbor attack. There hadn’t been any major releases in the United States since 1941. While Goudey ended up dissolving, Gum Inc (Bowman) stood the test of time and established 3 […]

1948 Leaf Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

1948 Leaf Baseball Cards

In 1948 Baseball had two competing releases: Bowman and Leaf. Compared to their counterpart Bowman, Leaf designs really stood out. They were the first post-World War II sports set to feature color images on them. Each card front features a player against a colored background that is either solid or two-tone. The player’s name appears […]

1952 Topps Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

1952 Topps Baseball Cards

Produced by the Topps Gum Company, 1952 Topps Baseball is thought about by collectors and baseball historians to be the most crucial post-war baseball card set ever produced. It’s considered one of the big three sets. The others include Goudey and T206. The 407-card set was the largest ever produced at the time of its […]


1934 Goudey Baseball

1934 Goudey Baseball is the follow-up to the popular 1933 release and brings over much of what made the initial a hobby staple.  Given their intense, distinctive colors, it is simple to see why the 1934 Goudey baseball cards have kept a devoted following among classic card collectors. Comprising only 96 cards, the 34 Goudey […]

1933 Goudey Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

1933 Goudey Baseball Cards

The 1933 Goudey baseball card set was the most essential set issued during the 1930’s, and likewise rather a leap of faith. As the printing presses were starting to produce these cards, the United States was in the worst part of The Great Depression. Issuing any new item was challenging. The set is among the […]

t206 Baseball cardsCategoriesSets

t206 Baseball cards

It’s one of the most widely-collected sets of any era. The legendary T206 Set. Produced in the early twentieth century, the T206 set includes the single most famous card in the hobby, one recognized even by non-collectors. While a lot of cards are easily acquired, the release has some extremely scarce alternatives that are led […]

Sports Card Myths

The late 80s and early 90s Cards are Worthless This is a statement that is broadcasted to almost everyone. Junk wax era cards are worthless. However, this can’t be further from the truth. The junk wax era produced a ton of valuable cards. The most notable is the tiffany sets, which were limited to a […]

Most Expensive Baseball Cards

Baseball is massively popular around the globe, especially in its native land, America. This makes baseball cards are some of one of the most looked for after products in the card accumulating hobby and can bring thousands, also millions, of bucks at public auction. Naturally, the rarer a card is, the better it is and […]

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