Charizard Card

What is a Charizard? Charizard is a Pokemon. It is a fire-type and one of the coolest looking Pokemon out there. Charizard is a fan favorite and one of the original 151 pokemon that made. This Pokemon comes from the Kanto region and is #006 in the Pokedex. Charizard is the final evolution of the […]


Blastoise card

Who is Blastoise? Blastoise is one of the three starter pokemon in the original pokemon game. Blastoise is the 3rd evolution of the squirtle line. This pokemon is a water-type and has two cannons on its shell. It is entry #009 in the Pokedex and described as the Shelfish Pokemon. Why are Blastoise’s cards so […]


Trae Young Rookie Card

Who is Trae Young? Trae was born in Lubbock, Texas. His father was a former hooper and played at Texas Tech. Trae grew up in Oklahoma. He started to make a name for himself in High School where he averaged an astonishing 42 points a game. He was a five star recruit at the height […]

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