1948 Leaf FootballCategoriesSets

1948 Leaf Football

The 1948 Leaf Football cards were one of the first post WW2 sets. Like 1935 Chicle, the set is almost entirely rookies due to the last football set being released in 1935. None of the players are in both sets. The set features a 98-card checklist with an astounding 45 cards having variations, mostly for background […]

1935 National Chicle FootballCategoriesSets

1935 National Chicle Football

Many consider the 1935 National Chicle first real football set. Yes, there’s 1894 Mayo, some 1911 cards in mixed sets, and Diamond Matchbooks, but 1935 Chicle is the first National Football League set that had packs to open. Made by the National Chicle Company out of Cambridge, MA, this is a truly iconic set, and […]

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