1966 Philadelphia Football CardsCategoriesSets

1966 Philadelphia Football

1966 Philadelphia Football Cards takes the cake for the four years Philadelphia made football cards. The two most valuable cards across all four years of Philadelphia appear in 1966, and they appear on the same team, both as rookies. Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus are both no-brainer Hall of Famers that with a 22-year gap […]


1965 Philadelphia Football

1965 Philadelphia Football is much similar to 1964 with solid players, but collectability tends to stick to ‘football guys’. There are six Hall of Fame rookies, but none appear at quarterback or running back. Only two won Super Bowls as a player, although two also won Super Bowls as assistant coaches. While far from a […]

1964 Philadelphia Football CardsCategoriesSets

1964 Philadelphia Football

From 1964 to 1967 Topps lost the NFL license to Philadelphia Gum Company. This led to a split in future Hall of Fame rookie cards across Philadelphia, for the NFL, and Topps, for the AFL. Standard size cards every year, Philadelphia mostly featured the same portrait style photos with blank backgrounds as had been the […]

Sammy Baugh Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Sammy Baugh Football Cards

Sammy Baugh Football Cards should be a staple of any vintage Football collectors collection. Sammy Baugh is the definition of football. Born in Texas and attended TCU, Baugh led the team to two bowl victories. That might not seem like much today, but money was tight in the 1930’s and only a few teams made […]

Jim Brown Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Jim Brown Football Cards

Jim Brown Football cards are some of the most desired cards of the late 1950s and early 60s. Collectors who aren’t even Football focused want to have at least one of his cards within their collection. Who is Jim Brown Jim Brown is in the discussion for greatest football player of all time. He was […]

Bart Starr Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Bart Starr Football Cards

Bart Starr football cards are a staple of many collections. The legendary Packers quarterback has a very strong following for vintage Football collectors. Who is Bart Starr Bart Starr is a player that just personifies vintage football, both from a card perspective, and real-life quality of player. Starr won seven NFL championships despite only being […]

Johnny Unitas Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Johnny Unitas Football Cards

Johnny Unitas Football cards are a must for any vintage Football card collector. Who is Johnny Unitas Johnny Unitas is one of the most iconic players in NFL history. Like Joe Namath, Unitas gets the benefit of being in the right place at the right time as well. Starting quarterback for the Baltimore Colts in […]


1997 Metal Universe Football

1997 Metal Universe Football is the best looking sports card set of all time. This will be a football article, but the basketball, baseball, and hockey sets have the same base card look, and there are some inset sets that cross over. The base set features 200 cards with a foil finish, six insert sets, […]

1972 Topps Football CardsCategoriesSets

1972 Topps Football

1972 Topps Football was the best football card set in the 1970s. Released in three series, the set features nine Hall of Fame rookie players, and 16 total Hall of Fame rookie cards with the additional versions. The third series was only released in pack form in a few cities. Imagine today if Panini decided […]

1965 Topps Football CardsCategoriesSets

1965 Topps Football

The 1965 Topps football release is the football set of the 1960’s. Oversized at 2 ½ x 4 11/16th inches per card, this set stands out. A white bordered, solid color behind the player image look is similar to 1961 and 1964, but seems worlds away with the size. 1965 Topps features only the American […]

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