Grand Rapids Michigan Legends Card Show

Entry Fee FREE Tables 50 Foot Traffic Decent Walkability Easy Bargain Bins Almost Every Table Dealer Friendliness Worked With You Type of Cards Bargain Bins, Raw, and Slabs Modern/Vintage Even Split Food Options Food Truck + Strip Mall Venue Card Shop Show Hours 9 AM – 3 PM When I first booked my flight to […]


1948 Bowman Basketball Cards

In 1886, Old Judge created the first Baseball card set. In 1895 Mayo’s Cut Plugs created the first Football card set. It took until 1948 for Bowman to create the first full set of Basketball cards! What most don’t realize is that in 1948, the NBA was very new. In fact, it was founded in […]

1939 Play Ball Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

1939 Play Ball Baseball Cards

After years of Goudey dominating the baseball card scene in the 1930s, a new company started to produce cards. Gum Inc. created 1939 Play Ball baseball cards. Before Play Ball, they created iconic nonsports sets like Horrors of War and G-Men & Heroes of the Law. The 39 Play Ball set featured square cards with […]


1946 Propagandas Montiel Los Reyes del Deporte

The 1946-47 Propagandas Montiel were a multi-sport release from Cuba right after WW2. It features some of the biggest stars in Baseball, Boxing, and Wrestling along with a subset of minor leaguers. Many of the athletes depicted in this release were retired from their respective sports. For example, John Sullivan who boxed in the 1800s. […]

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