Pete Rose Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Pete Rose Baseball Cards

Pete Rose Baseball cards are a part of many 60 and 70s collectors collections. Pete Rose is one of the most famous baseball players of all time. Across his 24-year career, he acquired 4,256 hits making him the Hit King. Currently, he is banned from the baseball HOF due to him betting on baseball and […]

Nolan Ryan Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Nolan Ryan Baseball Cards

You can find at least one Nolan Ryan baseball card in most sports card collections. Who is Nolan Ryan Lynn Nolan Ryan was born in 1947 in Texas. Nolan Ryan always loved sports. In fact, he even spent two years on his high school basketball tea. (while also playing baseball of course). Ryan was named […]

Cy Young Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Cy Young Baseball Cards

Most Pre War card collectors will have at least one Cy Young Baseball Card within their collection. Who is Cy Young Denton Cy Young was born shortly after the Civil War in 1867. Young grew up on a farm. Young spent much of his childhood on a farm and dropped out in 6th grade to […]


Tris Speaker Baseball Cards

Tristram E. Speaker was born in 1888 in Texas. His family supported the Confederacy during the Civil War which only happened around 20 years before Speaker was born. He was born right handed, however he learned to use his left hand to throw and hit. Speaker also played football in high school. After his time […]

Ty Cobb Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Ty Cobb Baseball Cards

Ty Cobb baseball cards are an absolute must for any card collector. Who is Ty Cobb Tyrus Raymond Cobb was born in 1886 in Narrows Georgia. His parent’s really wanted him to pursue an academic career, however, Ty Cobb had other plans. In 1904 he started his professional career with the Augusta baseball team of […]

Donovan Mitchell Rookie CardsCategoriesPlayers

Donovan Mitchell Rookie Cards

Donovan Mitchell Rookie Cards can be found in 2017 Panini Basketball products. Who is Donovan Mitchell Donovan Mitchell was born in 1996 in Elmsford, New York. His father was the director of player relations for the Mets, so he was around sports at an early age. Towards the end of his high school career he attended Brewster […]

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