Fishtown Card Show

Entry Fee $5 Tables 110 Foot Traffic Medium Walkability Medium Bargain Bins Low Dealer Friendliness Medium Type of Cards Mixture of Everything Modern/Vintage 90% Modern 10% Vintage Food Options Bar at Venue Venue Casino Hall Show Hours  9 AM – 3 PM Saturday & Sunday  The Philly area is known for its distinct card show […]


2022 Gypsy Queen Baseball Hobby Box

At around $150, Gypsy Queen Hobby boxes give a ton of value for the collector aiming to rip some wax. With 2 on-card autos, 3 chrome parallels, and other numbered and short print cards collectors have many chases. Not to mention this is one of the first products with Wander Franco rookie cards. The card […]

Bob Feller Baseball CardCategoriesPlayers

Bob Feller Baseball Cards

Bob Feller baseball cards span over 3 decades and include prominent pre & post-war sets.  Feller was born in 1918 in Iowa and grew up on the farm. Feller’s dad had some influence on him as he was a semi-pro pitcher back in his day. Bob Feller had a pitching mound on the farm that […]

Cap Anson Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Cap Anson Baseball Cards

Cap Anson Baseball Cards are a must for any pre war baseball card collector.  Who is Cap Anson Adrian Constantine “Cap” Anson was born in Marshalltown, Iowa in 1852. He was at Notre Dame for one year before making his debut in the National Association of 1871 (the MLB of the time) at the age […]

Rogers Hornsby Baseball CardCategoriesPlayers

Rogers Hornsby Baseball Cards

Rogers Hornsby Baseball Cards are somewhat undervalued for how good of a player he was during his playing career.  Who is Rogers Hornsby Rodgers Hornsby was born in 1896 in Texas. Hornsby dominated high school baseball. Apparently he was thin as a young teen and wore a wig to play on the Boston Bloomer Girls […]


​​1988 Fleer Basketball

This is Fleer’s third consecutive set produced in the 80s. Prior to 1986, The 1961 Fleer set was the first basketball set that this company produced. Crazy how Fleer didn’t produce a basketball set for 25 years after their initial set.  Keep in mind, this set was created during the junk wax era, so prices […]


1974 Topps Basketball

This is one of the sets that Topps made throughout the mid 70s. In the beginning of the 70s, Topps made Tall boy sets such as the 1970 Topps set which featured oversized cards.  Fast forward to 1974 and we have a unique set in terms of how it was designed. There are two types […]


Michael Jordan Basketball Cards

Jordan is considered by many to be the best basketball player of all-time. He was drafted into the NBA in 1984, however some consider the 1986 Fleer to be his rookie card because it’s the first Michael Jordan card in a full flagship set. Jordan shined as an all-star when he entered the league. He […]

George Sisler Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

George Sisler Baseball Cards

George Sisler baseball cards are under the radar for most casual collectors. Missing two historical sets: t206 & Goudey, most don’t even know about his cards.  Who Is George Sisler George Harold Sisler was born in 1893 in Ohio. His parents owned a countryside and this allowed him to always be around baseball. George Sisler […]

Pete Rose Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Pete Rose Baseball Cards

Pete Rose Baseball cards are a part of many 60 and 70s collectors collections. Pete Rose is one of the most famous baseball players of all time. Across his 24-year career, he acquired 4,256 hits making him the Hit King. Currently, he is banned from the baseball HOF due to him betting on baseball and […]

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