1965 Philadelphia Football

1965 Philadelphia Football is much similar to 1964 with solid players, but collectability tends to stick to ‘football guys’. There are six Hall of Fame rookies, but none appear at quarterback or running back. Only two won Super Bowls as a player, although two also won Super Bowls as assistant coaches. While far from a […]

1964 Philadelphia Football CardsCategoriesSets

1964 Philadelphia Football

From 1964 to 1967 Topps lost the NFL license to Philadelphia Gum Company. This led to a split in future Hall of Fame rookie cards across Philadelphia, for the NFL, and Topps, for the AFL. Standard size cards every year, Philadelphia mostly featured the same portrait style photos with blank backgrounds as had been the […]


1997 Metal Universe Football

1997 Metal Universe Football is the best looking sports card set of all time. This will be a football article, but the basketball, baseball, and hockey sets have the same base card look, and there are some inset sets that cross over. The base set features 200 cards with a foil finish, six insert sets, […]

1972 Topps Football CardsCategoriesSets

1972 Topps Football

1972 Topps Football was the best football card set in the 1970s. Released in three series, the set features nine Hall of Fame rookie players, and 16 total Hall of Fame rookie cards with the additional versions. The third series was only released in pack form in a few cities. Imagine today if Panini decided […]

1965 Topps Football CardsCategoriesSets

1965 Topps Football

The 1965 Topps football release is the football set of the 1960’s. Oversized at 2 ½ x 4 11/16th inches per card, this set stands out. A white bordered, solid color behind the player image look is similar to 1961 and 1964, but seems worlds away with the size. 1965 Topps features only the American […]

Doble Aguila Baseball CardsCategoriesSets

Doble Aguila Baseball Cards

The 1931 Doble Aguila cards depict the Venezuelan League. They are black and white, and typically show more than one player on the card. The backs show a description in Spanish of the action shot on the front. The cards originate from Tobacco and are 1 3/4 by 2/34 in length. These cards are found […]

1984 Topps Football CardsCategoriesSets

1984 Topps Football Cards

1984 Topps football has a good argument as the best football set of the 1980’s. The set has 396 cards, 17 of which are Hall of Fame rookies, with 12 different Hall of Famers among those 17. This set is also partially responsible for the boom in quarterback prices that you see to this day. […]


1937 O-PEE-CHEE Baseball

The 1937 O-Pee-Chee baseball card set (V300) was an important canadian release in the late 1930s. It features two early cards of legendary players: Bob Feller & Joe DiMaggio.  This was the first OPC baseball card set and was released about 30 years before the Topps/OPC cards of the 1960s. The 1937 O Pee Chee […]

1948 Leaf FootballCategoriesSets

1948 Leaf Football

The 1948 Leaf Football cards were one of the first post WW2 sets. Like 1935 Chicle, the set is almost entirely rookies due to the last football set being released in 1935. None of the players are in both sets. The set features a 98-card checklist with an astounding 45 cards having variations, mostly for background […]

1954 Johnston CookiesCategoriesSets

1954 Johnston Cookies

The 1954 Johnston Cookies Brave set featured 35 players and personal trainers. Each card measures 2″ wide and 4″ tall. Which is quite different than the standard card size. Unlike many sets which have random card numbers, the ones in this set were assigned to jersey numbers. For example, Warren Spahn was card #21. The […]

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