sandy koufax baseball cardsCategoriesPlayers

Sandy Koufax Baseball Cards

Sandy Koufax baseball cards are some of the most desirable in the 1950s and 60s. Many consider him to be one of the most dominant pitchers ever. He has a cult-like following among many card collectors.  Who is Sandy Koufax Sanford Koufax was born in 1935 in Brooklyn New York. Unbeknownst to some, he first […]

red grange football cardsCategoriesPlayers

Red Grange Football Cards

Red Grange Football Cards are tough to find as many are within the personal collections of passionate vintage collectors. To many, hes one of the most influential pre war football figures.  Who is Red Grange The NFL is not the NFL we know it today without Red Grange. Professional football was started in 1890’s as […]

Desmond Bane Rookie CardsCategoriesPlayers

Desmond Bane Rookie Cards

Over the past year, Desmond Bane Rookie Cards have taken off in value. Desmond Bane has been under the radar his whole career going from Indiana, a state known for basketball, to committing to a small D1 college school in TCU. He wasn’t heavily recruited coming out of High School receiving 1 scholarship offer from […]


Otto Graham Football Cards

Otto Graham Football Cards have been rising in price over the past few years. For the longest amount of time, the hobby ignored the accomplishments of one of the greatest quarterbacks of his generation. Who is Otto Graham Otto Graham has a better argument than many think for being the greatest of all time. Graham […]

Reggie White Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Reggie White Football Cards

Reggie White Football cards are a must for any Football collectors collection. Who is Reggie White Reggie White is a top-tier all-time player in football. His cards also break the mold that defensive players can’t get any hobby love as well. Hard working player appeals to fans of even rival fanbases. At Tennessee he had […]

Roberto Clemente Baseball CardsCategoriesPlayers

Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards

Roberto Clemente Baseball Cards are a staple of any vintage collector’s collection. Even modern collectors strive to get a rookie or 1956 Topps. Before we jump into some of his most valuable and scarcest cards, let’s talk about him in more detail. Who was Roberto Clemente? Roberto Clemente was born in 1934 in Carolina, Puerto […]

Ja Morant Rookie CardsCategoriesPlayers

Ja Morant Rookie Cards

Since his Rookie season, Ja Morant Rookie Cards have been a hot commodity for basketball card collectors. Jamel “Ja” Morant who grew up in a basketball home with both parents playing in their younger days. Ja went to Murray State College as he wasn’t a highly sought after recruit. Despite going to such a small […]

Sammy Baugh Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Sammy Baugh Football Cards

Sammy Baugh Football Cards should be a staple of any vintage Football collectors collection. Sammy Baugh is the definition of football. Born in Texas and attended TCU, Baugh led the team to two bowl victories. That might not seem like much today, but money was tight in the 1930’s and only a few teams made […]

Jim Brown Football CardsCategoriesPlayers

Jim Brown Football Cards

Jim Brown Football cards are some of the most desired cards of the late 1950s and early 60s. Collectors who aren’t even Football focused want to have at least one of his cards within their collection. Who is Jim Brown Jim Brown is in the discussion for greatest football player of all time. He was […]

Chris Bosh Rookie CardsCategoriesPlayers

Chris Bosh Rookie Cards

Chris Bosh Rookie Cards are popular among many early 2000s NBA collectors. Chris Bosh was born in 1984 in Dallas Texas. Bosh grew up to become a lengthy 6’11 by his high school years. During his high school years, Bosh gained several awards with one being named “Mr. Basketball.” Bosh decided to go to Georgia […]

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